Star Conflict Heroes Tea Leads to Space in a Frenetic RPG with Combat in Real Time

In this game, one can be pleasant surprises to check as there are titles that until you don’t play them a little, you don’t realize you really capacity may have to get hooked. Like good movies, in a matter of minutes, or even before, you can foresee that you will be a good game, although sometimes you cant go wrong.

This is what happens with Star Conflict Heroes, a space-themed game elements RPG, which at first can lead to misunderstanding to arise with an excellent visual aspect, but that seems to be soft in the rest of mechanics. Not so, and spent ten minutes playing you, you begin to Dive by its gameplay to improve ships, pass levels and conquer outer space.

And even with real-time combat

One of the most striking effects of Star Conflict Heroes is that we we have a combat in real time, when at first you can remember more shifts seen in many other many video games on Android. This is a great point in your favour, Since it implies that we are looking forward the recharge of the various powers that we have in our having.

This is a video game published by Gaijin Distribution, and which uses fleet management to adapt it to those diverse enemies in the form of starships. Surely you can remember a little Star Treck in some sense, It has a wide variety of ships of all sizes and possible forms.

We put ourselves in the role of the captain of a ship named Scotland who will try to save the remains of the destroyed ships to improve the own fleet, one of the most important points to enhance the capacities of our ships. You will find a all kinds of enemies they go from pirates and aliens to bosses.

When combat begins, we will have that Select a series of four ships between all the repertoire that we have. It must be said that we have up to 32 different models available and we will have to go unblocking, which will significantly extend the life time of the game. The moment we enter the fray, the combat is automatic for the normal attack, while we will try to go specials to go destroying the main ships, or take away those of less power to end level leaving the main to the end.

The frenetic Star Conflict heroes

As I said at the beginning, in the first few minutes may seem another game of combat by turns, but as it occurs in real time and we must be swift in those powers on the ships to hit the enemy, we will begin to feel the adrenaline that like with some video games.

The first levels are easy, but as we go forward, we’ll see how it took little in again be in combat, one of the greatest qualities and entertainment offers Star Conflict heroes. If to this we add the PvP games against other players, tables of world leaders and the ability to participate in tournaments, we will have a very good game for many times for the next few weeks.

You have to be attentive to the ‘loot’ that you can pick up of the ships eliminated, since it will allow improving our fleet so that special powers do more damage and we can cope better with those bosses and larger ships.

In the technical field borda it

In a game of this type in which real-time combat takes leading role, avail themselves of a brilliantly designed ships, some special effects good weapons and a sound that goes at the same time, very much quality to the whole, apart from being something vital in a videogame that takes us into space, so We will try to emulate the feats of movies great popularity as those Star Wars and Star Treck.

Star Conflict Heroes is available at the Google Store Play for free with the so-called as ‘ freemium. This includes advertising such as micropayments, but always you can advance more slowly without paying one euro.

Star Conflict Heroes1.2.8.13385

  • Version of Android: from 4.4
  • Developer: Gaijin Distribution
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Role-playing games