Street Style: Jewelry and Jewelry From the Street

The purpose of Street Style or style of the street is becoming the main target for photographers during his move to the streets. This time is was able to centralize a focus on the jewels that were able to conquer the Street Wear (street clothes) and have managed to capture the attention of many people in the foreground.

For this season the Chokers are used loaded with theatricality, and extra large to wear that jewelry as described in 800zipcodes, hoop earrings is virtually play with each piece of jewelry, and at the same time with your outfit to see which combination is the best according to your needs and tastes.

It is important that the size of the pieces are taken into account in deciding that garments and jewels are used. When it comes to earrings, the style of the street “Street Style” marks a real plus extra large jewelry that openly declare their intentions, and these are not pass by UNNOTICED. Regardless of the type of descent that is or long pieces that reach the shoulders, no matter if its structure is rather voluminous and brilliant, earrings always manage to get to full turn to all your clothing and make the difference between looking like a simple Lady in the crowd, or look completely authentic and single out among the crowd.

Decorate the neck chokers or minimalist bolsters also helps to contrast this style, since they give a more unique in who leads them. It is also important to mention that the hands should look simple, i.e. here is where you should find the elegance more subtle as they are minimalist jewels.

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