Strobe Flashlight for Self Defense

Strobe LED flashlights can be an effective protection against attacks. A very significant advantage for flashlights with strobe function is that it does not cause physical damage to the attacker.


Just currently, the demand for self-defense massively.Especially for women, the demand for self-defense ever. But I want to give an opinion on this, because I want to focus in this paper on the options for self-defense. However, please note who exercises self-defense to protect his own person, while an attacker inflicts damage which may even face criminal charges under certain circumstances. Therefore would like to present an option that sets the attacker except power, but this does not cause long-term damage.

In this post is not about how to administer self-defense within the meaning of physical violence. It is rather the technical possibilities exist. I deliberately say, technical possibilities , because I want to exclude weapons and pepper spray consistently in this post. The reason for this is that weapons and other defense items such as pepper spray generally not legally substantially. This is not a question of interpretation, but may in doubt in a personal injury have serious consequences.

Those who want to protect themselves from violence or attacks, it uses, for example, pepper spray to help and his attacker thereby inflicting a physical damage, which must even expect a display of the perpetrator for assault in doubt.

Ultimately, no means of defense are legal, which cause damage to an attacker. Not even if you sit down with hands and feet against an aggressor to defend and this thereby inflicting damage.

I would like nevertheless to introduce a possibility for self-defense, which can be quite effective, some more effective than dangerous weapons such as pepper spray or even physical violence, yet minimizes the risk a perpetrator inflict physical injuries.

In the US itself stroboscope by police super bright flashlights are manufactured by GaryFlashlights and used for defense in some states.

Now there are a variety of flashlights for different prices. So you get from Amazon, conventional flashlights with a stroboscope starts at 7, – Euro. But one can certainly up to 100, – Euro spend on a flashlight with strobe function. Here arises, as is often the question of an optimal price performance ratio.

Luminous intensity of a flashlight lumens

An important factor is the luminous intensity of a flashlight that is measured in lumens (LM). To get in about a sense of how this value affects in practice, I would like to give an example.

0.5 lumens range, for example as a reading lamp. A conventional flashlight has approximately 50 lumens. Modern LED flashlights you get already from 150 or 200 lumens. A good LED flashlight has roughly 250 lumens.

LED Flashlight

Now there are already LED flashlights that can provide 800 lumens. And I always speak of handy mini flashlights.

Large LED Flashlight

Large Flashlight contrast can even have 1800 Lumen. These torches, it is possible to illuminate a wider area in a good distance up to 1000 meters and more.

ThruNite TN12 LED Flashlight

When looking for a flashlight with a strobe light me a torch from the company ThruNite noticed. It is the model TN12. This flashlight provides with up to 1050 lumens mean feat.

Delivery of ThruNite TN12

Included with the ThruNite TN12 is the first thing once the flashlight self contained with a belt clip. So the flashlight is easy to attach to the trousers or on a belt and always at hand.

In addition, a 18650 battery with 3400 mAh included. Next, a holster for the flashlight is included in delivery. So a small bag that can be attached to a belt, for example. This bag makes a good impression and is well made. It can be seen no protruding seams. The bag has a small ring attached. This serves to attach the bag together with torch in a carbine or a keychain.

ThruNite TN12 with USB charger

The real fun I think that is a charging station with USB cable included. This allows the flashlight, for example with a power bank or a car cigarette lighter mobile recharge. What is really exciting at this outlet, they can also be used vice versa. So you can via the USB cable be mobile or smartphone connect that, this enables charging on the charging station.

Also for the charging station is a small bag there. On the bag is a recess, so that one the USB cable even then, when the charger is in the bag.

Functions of ThruNite TN12

The ThruNite TN12 is equipped with two buttons. Once on the rear of the flashlight and an additional button on the side close to the front of the flashlight.

  • Pressing the button on the back of the flashlight, so you can switch this also already.In a first touch the ThruNite TN12 starts in the smallest mode with 0.4 lumens. This corresponds to an operating time already 74 days. 4 lumens are suitable for example as a reader light.
  • If you press now the side button as you get to the next level with 11 lumen, which corresponds to an operating time of five and a half days.
  • Pressing again this button, you reach the next level.Here one reaches 145 lumens, which corresponds to an operating time of 11.8 hours.
  • Once again, pressed the button, you get into the fourth mode with 370 lumens.Here remains an operating time of 4.2 hours.
  • Then there is a final, fourth mode with 1050 lumens, which corresponds to an operating time of 95 minutes.

The strobe function for Defence

If we hold the side, silver button a bit longer, we reach the so-called stroboscope mode.

This is the really interesting feature of ThruNite TN12. This serves to repel boarders. The strobe function causes the flashlight extremely strong flickers with 800 lumens. Holding the flashlight an attacker before his face, it can not see anything for a few seconds or even minutes and thus loses the orientation. One gets on so plenty of time to make his escape and lead them to safety.

The weight of ThruNite TN12 is without battery 82 grams and about 14 cm tall. The material of the torch is made of aluminum. The build quality is solid.

Conclusion: The price of this flashlight is about 50, – to 70, – Euro, resulting in a balanced price-performance ratio in the quality. However, the price also depends on where you buy the ThruNite TN12. In a professional trading business this is expected to be slightly more expensive than if you buy them from an online store. I must say that on the whole this multifunctional flashlight is really great. Considering the extensive delivery, so you can safely access here. Many reports and reviews such as on our site, confirm this impression.