Summer 2016 by Maria Girl

Hey girls, you want to post with emotion or without emotion?!? Ok ok… we’re going to choose! Will be with emotion, as it is impossible not to get excited talking about a subject that lately has not left our thoughts: the summer 2016. The hottest season of the year may seem far away, but not for the fashionistas who are setting the trends. For you to understand better, we split the summer in six macro trends: Neo Geo, which exalts the futuristic aspect valued with geometric cuts, graphic prints and structured fabrics; Sportmania, who values the sports aspect through pieces with minimalist lines and a mix of technological materials and noble; River-California, which highlights the tropicalismo in retro-romantic looks to rescue the carioca fashion the years 1950; Pop Party, that emphasizes possession with masculine forms and Metallized fabrics; Afro Asia America, which brings stylish ethnic reasons in handcrafted details; and Revival 70, which brings the concept hippie chic of years 1970 in fluid modeling. The conclusion is that fashion shows more and more versatile with retro and modern walking side by side. With regard to, for example, all styles are covered. The clothes earn geometric designs, prints and textured, localized and floral motifs.

And since the subject today, summer produce more an editorial fashion filled with looks and trends, to show you a little of what’s out there in the world of fashion. Excited? So get ready because today is the turn of store, of Campo Grande (MS), submit news you’ve just received for upcoming seasons. Meninas…as pieces are breath-taking! Romanticism (lace, embroidery, ruffles); ethnic prints and colors will dominate the macaws and the window of the store. And to celebrate the arrival of the new collection, the store is preparing a cocktail to be served to customers on Tuesday (30/07), the 9:00 at 7:00 pm. So attention guys: today the shop will be closed (preparations for the cocktail), but tomorrow the store reopens in style, with the looks of the spring/summer collection, DJ, delicious smoothies and giveaways for customers. Come on girls? Good party so no one can lose!!!

Super feminine, resistant to trends, income and from generation to generation is an integral part of the female wardrobe. Is florida and delicate, thicker, in guipure format, or is she in the company of the lese, tulle and other similar fabrics, invades the summer accompanied by textures, superimposed on colorful pieces or combined with transparency. The material is timeless, but wins greater prominence in the summer season, because it is lightweight and leaked offering comfort and practicality for the warm weather. The rent offers practicality in the compositions of looks, allowing use of unique form or combined with other materials such as jeans, knitwear and even with embroidered pieces. The material is modest and can be used both social events like casual occasions, offering a wide color palette. Bringing transparency to discreetly, the income allows composing parts used by audiences with different age groups.

The pattern that was successful in the 70 returned with full force bringing a touch of fashion and refined. Inspired by the drawings of the Maya civilizations, Aztecs, incas, African, Asian indigenous, ethnic prints to bring-in addition to the beauty-lots of historical information. Full of colors and shapes, the pattern also called tribal comes from a decade in which the clothes brought information and behavior beyond the comfort. She is currently present in the looks of the fashion sweethearts featured on, mixed cheerful colors, fun, and even the good old P & b.

Summer asks color! For 2016, the hottest season of the year is with an amazing color chart: pink, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple will be the featured colors! The looks come to life and more style with bold colors, flashy, cheerful and full of personality. Of course before a trend so marked our unforgettable “color block” back to the fashion scene and even the white promises to dominate the combinations!

So don’t forget girls: want to see all of you on Tuesday (30/07) there on giving close these and other looks who arrived in store! The cocktail will roll all day, from 9:00 at 7:00 pm, so don’t accept excuses.