Support Sports Bra for Running

Bra and support throat running and sport Kalenji

I repeat it often enough, but it seems to me that it’s worth repeating: sports (whether running, walking, of the elliptical machine, exercise bike or Nordic walking) when you’re a woman, it’s good (it isn’t me who would say otherwise).

On the other hand, it is really important to have the right equipment to protect her body and especially your chest.

Sub wear clothing dedicated to the sport is essential:

-They struggle against premature aging and sagging of the breast

-Absorb shocks during exercise (running, cycling, your treadmill…)

Thus, during physical activity, the chest is subject to large movements and a rebound phenomenon which can cause a loosening of its ligaments and progressive sagging of breasts.

Indeed, because it consists of a succession of jumps to the difference in the market, running especially submits the breasts to complex movements that can scar them by being very painful.

To avoid this, directoryaah strongly recommend you wear a bra fits your sports! (That’s why I often introduce new models of throat and bra for running and fitness support)

To definitely be convinced, it is useful to know a breast that weighs 400 g’s during a jump of 1 m, weighing almost a kilo!

That’s why the Kalenji brand offers a set of throat and midriffs supports adapted to running.

Available from 9.95 euros”which is quite reasonable when one wishes to equip itself to start running and very cheap.

I also remind you that there is support-Georges to run music here.

As you follow the advice of coach Jiwok when your running, you’ll be so well equipped.