TDC Closes Mobilfax-Function with Short Notice

The transport industry has a huge problem. The fax machine in the trucks will be closed by TDC, which haulage companies frames. “Naughty” and “rude” are responses.

With a notice of only one month, has decided to close the Business for TDC product Mobilfax.

Many operators in the transport industry, among others, is perplexed by the fact that they are from Tuesday, 1. October 2013, must find an alternative solution to a form of communication that is used daily in a professional context.

Although much communication in business is conducted electronically, there are still a number of areas where the old fashioned paper-fax is alive and kicking.

Documents sent to the truck

Wind transports receives, often at short notice, police permits faxed directly out in the truck, so they have documentation to show to the authorities if they had to be stopped.

Many truck drivers are sending daily documents relating to transport and product delivery, back and forth to the head office, like drivers faxes their work cards, so they won’t have to round the Office.

Another senarie is that a customer calls to the haulage company at 8 o’clock in the morning with an order for a machine moving at 10 o’clock. Here obtained permission with the police, after which it passed on the fax directly to the driver in the truck.

Naughty by TDC

A dealer who daily advice to businesses in the telecommunications and communication solutions, call TDC Commercial killing of mobilfax-the solution for “naughty”.

-“I think it is grossly irresponsible to close mobilfax with only 30 days ‘ notice, you could easily have given it a half a year. At 30 days, it is impossible to find a solution that meets the exact needs of the transport industry, “says Klaus Klinggaard holder of Klingtech in Aabenraa.

He concedes that the drivers could get more modern technology installed in the trucks, but he points out at the same time, that neither can reach the shops to buy the haulage equipment, or view scheduled courses for drivers, with the short notice.

-“It’s naughty, that some technology geeks with TDC, should decide such a thing over the heads of some people who actually have a large professional needs,” elaborates a frustrated Klaus Klinggaard.

Hauler: we do not want iPads

Although the newer electronic devices, like the iPhone and iPads, can solve the problem for hauliers, and replace the fax, are not all interested in this solution.

-“We would rather not have iPads and iPhones, they get away and go easy in pieces. In our business it is better fixed-mounted equipment, “says Tina Rafn, administrative manager at the trucking company Torben Rafn and Co. A/S in the Summer place.

Torben Rafn has 65 trucks on the Danish roads.

-“We know well that the fax is a dying product, but the police have demanded that transport permissions should be available on paper, so we didn’t have a choice. First Danish transport authority announced this week that the documents from 1. October 2013, can also be carried in electronic form, “says Tina Rafn.

Torben Rafn and Co. A/s has been a customer at TDC’s faxprodukt in 20-25 years, and Tina R wondering about that product is terminated at such short notice, and without dialogue with the company when they have approached.

-“It is poor service and rude with such a short notice. They would not even hear talk about prolonging the period slightly at Mobilfax, so that we and other companies could manage to find another option – and good forward-looking solutions cannot be found at 30 days, “says Tina Rafn.

TDC: only a few are using it

With the country’s largest telecommunications company TDC, would you forward to focus on products that are in demand by many customers, rather than the very few.

-“In connection with Mobilfax is a product that has so few customers, that it does not pay to keep it running. We have costs associated with maintaining products in our portfolio, and that is why we must constantly evaluate whether they continue to be included in our assortment, “said communications officer Doris R from TDC.

TDC explains the rapid shut-down with that customers already have alternatives, and refers to the company’s normal guidelines for changes to products.

-“Customers have opted out of Mobilfax for the benefit of e-mail, where it is possible to forward the documents. In addition, it’s easy to take a picture of a document with its smart phones camera and subsequently send as mail. Finally, there are apps for smartphones, where you can take a picture of a document and subsequently send it to a fax number, “ending Doris R.

TDC announces that 233 customers will be affected, which equates to approximately 1,000 SIM card.