Telia and Telenor Network Now Covers Bornholm

Sunshine island is now covered by Telia and Telenor’s new total network. View differences with before and after pictures here.

Sunshine island has long been one of the areas which only have had patchy 3 g coverage at Telenor. Bornholmerne from today can rejoice that the brand new Telia and Telenor networks has come to the island.

The night of the 24th. and 25. September, Telia and Telenor’s 3 g network totaled at Bornholm, and it meant an immediate, significant improvement of both indoor and outdoor 3 g coverage. 

Had thus Telenor eight 3 g masts on the island before the merger, and after the night’s work increased the number to 28.

In connection with the merger have Telenor network people prepared a coverage map which shows the difference before and after the merger.

Do the colors on the map the following:

-Blue shows the indoor 3 g coverage
-Red means “in-car” 3 g coverage (coverage in car)
-Green means outdoor 3 g coverage.

Please note that the before and after pictures only show TT-network 3 g coverage, and any 2 g/4 g coverage appears so non of the map.