Telia and Telenor’s Network Now Covers Herning and Silkeborg, IKAST

The inhabitants of Herning and Silkeborg, Ikast can now take advantage of Telia and Telenor’s total 3 g network. See the difference for the entire Central and Western Jutland in numbers here.

Telenor and Telia was the night of the 24th.September finished with the merger of the companies’ 3 g mobile network in mid and Western Jutland, writes Telenor in a press release.

Telia and Telenor’s mobile network is put together in Skive, Struer, Ringkøbing, Skjern, Holstebro, Ikast, Karup, Herning and Silkeborg as well as the hinterland around these cities. The area along the West coast of Jutland, in many smaller cities and rural areas, are also covered by the merger.

Area to the South of a straight line from Ringkøbing in Western, to Silkeborg in the East, however, are not merged yet.

Many more cell towers

Overall, Telenor’s customers in the Midwest and West Jutland gained access to 69 percent more 3 g-master.

In the following chart you can see the difference:

Area Telenor 3 g-master before Telenor 3 g-master after Percent increase
Struer, Lemvig, Vinderup and intermediate rural areas 23 41 72%
Holstebro 19 24 26%
Ringkøbing, Videbæk, vildbjerg, Ulfborg and intermediate rural areas 27 47 74%
Slice, Roslev, and intermediate rural areas 21 37 76%
Karup, Kjellerup, Madison Heights and intermediate rural areas 12 31 158%
Herning, Kibæk, Fires and intermediate rural areas 34 46 35%
Ikast, Boarding, Nørre Snede and intermediate rural areas 19 38 100%
Silkeborg 24 39 62%
Total 179 303 69%