The Belly of A Future Mother

From day to day you see your stomach turn round. But know that from one woman to another her size and shape vary during pregnancy. Explanations.

First of all, know that whatever you say, it is unlikely that the shape of the belly can predict baby sex, because there is no tangible link between the two.

Legend has it nevertheless that a belly all round is synonymous with little girl, because they lie horizontally in their little cocoon hot for 9 months. If you wear your belly down, you wait for a boy, it would be placed vertically in your can.

Once you have recalled those beliefs that have a hard life, know that your own morphology, the size and weight of your baby, the amount of amniotic fluid present in your belly and finally the fact that it is or not a multiple pregnancy will obviously have A real influence on the appearance of your pretty can. It will begin to grow at the end of the third month of pregnancy.

If it is your first child, you will surely wear your belly up, pointed. It will also be surely more compact, the abdominal muscles have not yet been solicited by a first childbirth … For the following deliveries, your belly knows the song and you will surely wear baby lower

Do not panic, whether you wear your belly up or down, whether it is very big or not so much, you will find your body, surely a little changed anyway, a few weeks, even a few months after the birth, if you manage to do A little exercise. On, you can find the answers to all your concerns about the transformations that are taking place in your body. But always remember that you are beautiful!