The Best Cloud Storage Provider For Your Photos

Where the photo collection? Photos occupy much space on your Smartphone or Tablet – therefore you should pull the storage in a cloud service in consideration to have more space for apps on the mobile device. The number of providers is increasing steadily, but not all are suitable for the storage of photos. We give you an overview of the best cloud services for storing photos and list the advantages and disadvantages of each provider. Basically, you should be aware that there is no real security for your photos, no matter for which cloud service you decide.

The Best Cloud Storage Provider For Your Photos

Dropbox: Store Photos Easily With Carousel

Dropbox is one of the best-known providers of online storage. The package Drobox Basic is free, offers only 2 GB memory capacity in the cloud. For the package of Dropbox Pro 1 TB 9,99 Euros per month storage space due – sure you have sufficient space for your photo collection. The synchronization feature is an advantage over the competition by dropbox – apply changes to a file without saving it again.

The app is handy for people who often want to upload photos. This is available for iOS and Android, free of charge and saves all images automatically in your dropbox account directly after recording.

Amazon Cloud Drive: Lots Of Space, Little Function

Amazon Cloud drive offers you free 5 GB disk space, if you’re Amazon customer. The functionality is relatively low in comparison with the other services. An advantage of this provider: When you purchase at Amazon MP3 files, these are placed in cloud storage, without burdening your 5 GB. In the United States, the service “Prime Photo” is launched in November 2014, should also arrive in Germany. Prime customers receive thus theoretically unlimited space for photos. Thus is the range especially of professional photographers who can just store uncompressed data.


Telecom Media Center: 25 GB Free

The Telecom Media Center can you then free use, if you are any of the company’s customers. With the size of 25 GB of disk space is relatively lush. For you must be you content with a low range of functions and a simple look. One advantage is that you can use the cloud service, also the TV which can be very handy for sorting and presenting photos.

Mega: Largest Free Storage

Mega is Kim Dotcom entrepreneur’s cloud storage and offers you the largest free memory with 50 GB. Also, the New Zealand cloud service in comparison to other services to be very safe, since he uses the so-called end-to end encryption. This means that the data is already encrypted on your computer.

Onedrive: Compatible With Windows Phone

Microsoft OneDrive offers you the size of 15 GB free storage space. The service is closely linked to the Office products from Microsoft and integrated from Windows 8 automatically in the operating system. In contrast to most other cloud services, aimed at IOS and Android users set, OneDrive also with Windows phone is compatible. If you want to upload photos directly from your Lumia Smartphone in the cloud, OneDrive is your memory. You activated the automatic backup of your shots, you’ll get 3 GB additional disk space. There is also more 500 megabytes for each friend, your Microsoft OneDrive recommends. Maximum 5 GB of additional memory can be managed in this way, also each so referred friend will also start 500 MB additional disk space.

Google Drive: Closely Linked To Google Services

Google drive holds second place with 15 GB to mega, when it comes to the amount of free disk space. To take advantage of this store, you however need an account, for example, the mail service Google +. Also Google drive is closely linked with other services of the provider, such as the spreadsheet.

Strato Hidrive: Handy Backup Function

The Germany-born cloud service Strato HiDrive provides you 5 GB space without cost. A unique feature is the backup feature: If you deleted your photos from the cloud, that you want to use again, you can get them back on the backup.