The Best Jewels of Cinema

You always dreamed of going around with the wonderful jewels of Hollywood movie characters? The Vecchio Jewelers separated to show you the six most striking and glamorous gems used by the characters (lucky, by the way) of different movies. Check out and babe with us:

The Best Jewels of Cinema 3

  • Titanic – diamond necklace

Rose of Titanic, with your diamond heart necklace of ocean

Starting with one of the most classic films of international cinema, we see the main character Rose using a beautiful Diamond necklace with the larger blue gem, the heart of the ocean.

  • Moulin Rouge-diamond necklace

Satine, Moulin Rouge, using a beautiful full diamond necklace

According to character Satine (Nicole Kidman), diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? This maxi paste exudes brilliance with their various stones, given by the Duke, who wants to buy your love.

The Best Jewels of Cinema 2

  • Sex and the City-engagement ring

Scene from Sex and The City-the movie, when Carrie gets your engagement ring

In the film that has emerged from the famous series of the same name, when Carrie is finally proposed, she gets your love a beautiful engagement ring, with a large dark stone. A glamour!

  • The Great Gatsby

In the Great Gatsby, Tiffany makes a special appearance by creating a collection of jewels to the film

News already shown by the Vecchio Jewelers previously, the remake of the movie “the Great Gatsby” featured a collection of Tiffany & Co for your characters. Now, the brand is selling the collection the Era of Jazz, based on sophisticated style 20, pearls and diamonds.

The Best Jewels of Cinema 1

  • Breaking Dawn (twilight saga)-engagement ring

The couple’s main Alliance of Dawn, the twilight saga

Our dear vampire Edward asks Bella to marry your beloved for spending eternity together. With that, gives you this beautiful engagement ring. Irresistible a request!

  • Anna Karenina-diamond necklace

Anna Karenina, in the movie of the same name, using your beautiful necklace for the prom

The character Anna Karenina, the movie of the same name which led, no wonder, the award for best costume design Oscar 2013, appears in one of the scenes wearing a beautiful diamond necklace drawing flowers to go to a dance where you will see your loved one.

Yes, each piece of jewelry this is a dream for all of us! Who knows in a store of Vecchio Jewelers you can’t find similar parts? Know more wonderful jewelry of other movies? So tell us right here in the comments. The Vecchio Jewelers awaits you in one of your stores!