The Hottest Body Jewelry for Cold Days

by 2015, more is more! Instagram feeds and bulletin boards at Pinterest are full of jewelry decorated arms, bodies and hands.

The gold and silver bracelets and rings hot body chains, upper arm tires, Nuckle ring and hand chain.This trend was nice in the summer and it is still in the autumn. What has worked great on tanned skin in the Bikini or skimpy blouse, is also in the cold season a Eye-catcher. You’ll want to keep but rather minimalist with the clothing’s when mixing, so that the jewelry is elegant and edgy over. A body chain can so easy be worn over a sweater, throw over trench coat done. On the hands you wear best several rings, directly at the root of the fingers but also between the ankles (also known as nuckle) you may with Nuckle ring pads. The upper Palm adorns her with hand chain (also known as hand chains).And who likes to wears T-Shirt in winter, comes with upper arm tires at his own expense. But as already mentioned, too much brings. So who like to combine everything together, no are limits.

We show you here are some inspiring looks and great fall suits.