The Little Black Dress

Rares are those who do not yet know The little black dress shop in Montreal. But in order to update the fashionistas who would return from a long trip isolated abroad, a holistic at the end retirement bottom Woods or who would come out from a long time of love that would have lasted months… here’s a quick summary of the company.

Here, the concept is clear: love, door, returns. In short, rental of gowns for all occasions!

Nothing more simple… but he had to think!

This idea is Vanessa Lajeunesse which had, during a recent trip to Europe. Because there, we find this kind of shop on every street corner, she assures us.

On his return to Montreal, she succeeds so (without effort) to convince his long-time friend, melody of love, to go into business with her. It is was born the shop the little black dress (located at 4030 St. Ambroise – Local 230 Street), that can be described (somehow…) ecological. No, but we’re talking recycling after all!

An assortment of fire!

The little black dress is a bit like the wardrobe of a friend where you can grab when you tired of our rags. Indeed, the assortment of gowns available in store is amazing. Whether you are looking for a theme night, a fancy wedding or a nice brunch, it’s certain that you will not leave empty handed.

Prices for the dresses vary between $ 10 and $ 100, which is very reasonable IMHO, considering that a lot of designer dresses are available and that the rental is for a period of 72 hours.Thus, we avoid extra stress the day of the event from our dress the day before.

But the service does not stop there! The little black dress also has a host of accessories, such as handbags and shoes/sandals, still there of all sizes and for all tastes.

And more (well no, it’s not everything!), the two owners offer styling custom in store when you visit the service and offer you even a turnkey service, which included make-up and hairstyle on the day of your event. This is ben rider!

Recycle, you also…

Well, I now hear your questioning namely: “but source said dresses? Well it comes to loans. Yes, generous ladies made a household in their wardrobe and are now available to all their best dresses, with a generous share of the profits from rental.

So, if you have a few dresses (short or long, fitted or vaporous) who sleep in your wardrobe for too long, because you don’t have enough worldly event for putting them on, passes make a trip to the little black dress and nice two owners are happy to analyse your items and to concession the pieces that could be of interest to their clients. For example, you could get up to 30% of the rental price, and, whenever a girl crush on one of your dresses (or your jumpsuits, it’s popular these days)!

My experience

On the occasion of the Daffodil Ball (social event which aims to raise funds for the Canadian cancer Foundation), I therefore tried experience and me went there to rent a gown.

On only two days ‘ notice, I didn’t have high expectations, but thanks to the advice and with the eye of lynx for Vanessa, I managed to find shoe on my foot (well not literally there). So I came back with a pretty dress of anthracite gray color, that the owner (a generous donor) had acquired during a trip to Europe. I fell for the collar draped, the inning and adjusted size of highlighting my “curvy” figure

Here are the results (with my beautiful friends blog by JosianeJosiane web magazineDivine. ca and Caro, so that you can judge for yourself…) Well, the lighting was not appropriate for a real photo shoot, but it gives an idea.