The modern modemarke PENDARI lives from the conscious break in style

Fashion is a language that tells a lot about their wearers. And although society often masks itself as a uniform mass, as far as fashion is concerned, the power of the personality paves its way. To counter stereotypes requires a sense of style and this is proved by the new modern fashion brand PENDARI. Their fashion collection makes individualists stand out from the crowd and impresses with interesting designs that correspond to today’s lifestyle.

A touch of extravagance surrounds the models of the model and guarantees a great appearance! The edition is strictly limited, which gives the clothes a touch of luxury. Discover the fascinating style of Pendari!

Modern fashion marks stereotypes

The individualism characterizes the philosophy of the Modemarke and finds expression in the design of their models. The fashion collection combines innovative techniques with traditional craftsmanship from Eastern European cultures and peoples. Each model represents a stunning combination of imagination and high-quality textiles and stands for minimalism and timeless style. The aim of PENDARI is to counteract clichés and to create clothing that is equally suitable for both sexes. The fashion of Pendari is suitable for women and men of different age groups who appreciate the high comfort and the supple feeling that a noble fabric causes on the skin.

The Modern Modemarke Pendari Influenced By Deconstructivism

The fashion of PENDARI offers a lot of scope for interpretation for creative and innovative fashion fans, who are delighted with style breaks and unusual clothes, and meets the point of intersection between classic elegance and modern inspiration. Modern fashion brands live from their contrasts: order and chaos, symmetry and deconstructivism, uniformity and individualism, high fashion and mass fashion, complexity and simplicity. With the style of the Pendari label, one thing is certain: you can hardly dress more individually.

Fashion for self-confident trendsetters

The garments are a real challenge for classic tailoring and convince by attention to detail and quality. Exceptional pieces such as elaborately draped dresses, tulle skirts, handmade tees, deep cut pants and layering techniques give every outfit an unusual touch. Thoughtful cuts allow the clothing to sit on the body like a second skin. The designer of the brand experimented courageously with volume and deconstructivism, which dissolves the prevailing rules and structures, but still guarantees a high degree of comfort.

Clothes with high style and quality requirements

The collection is almost entirely in black and white, which puts the beauty of the clothes in the foreground. High-quality fabrics such as eco-leather, wool, cotton are used. Interesting accents do not lack in any case. The clothing does not manifest itself in the way it emphasizes the figure, but as the fabric moves and gives the body complete freedom. Thanks to the interesting asymmetry, the dimensions of the clothing change constantly, which corresponds to today’s lifestyle.

Stylish in the city

Since this is a limited edition, each garment is given a certificate of authenticity with a serial number. Each model is made up of 20 pieces and each has a unique number of 1 to 20.

Highlights include interesting cuts and fabrics

The symbolism of the name is no accident. The Pendari is a costume jewelery made of gold coins that was used in the Balkans during the 16th and 17th centuries. The coins did not serve as a currency of payment, but they demonstrated the social status of the bearers, or were presented as gifts on special occasions such as birth and baptism. Like the splendor of old coin chains, these garments also shine through their beauty.

The design corresponds to the Zeitgeist

The fashion of PENDARI is anything but ordinary. If you wear unusual and impressive clothing, you are in the right place at Pendari Online Shop. Women and men, who like to be the center of attention, show off this exquisite fashion.