The Most Dangerous Toy of the Year Is…

Tuesday, November 26, 2013, the U.S. PIRG consumer organisation has published its annual report, unrest in Toyland (problems in the land of toys), presenting the most dangerous toys of the year. Who has the most risk to your your loulou.

Here are a few toys to be banned at the foot of the tree this year! On November 26, US PIRG consumer organization issued its 28th annual report revealing the most dangerous of 2013 toys , reported BFMTV. In the main line of sight of the report trouble in Toyland (problems in the land of toys), the shield of Captain America (Disguise Inc). Sold for $8.99 at Toys “R” US it contains 29 times more lead than what is permitted in the U.S. standard, or 2,900 parts per million (ppm) of lead, against the 100 ppm authorized by law.

The Most Dangerous Toy of the Year Is...

The Captain America shield is not the only toy pointing of the finger. BehealthybyTomorrow lists the poisoned and dangerous toys as below:
-The kit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Innovative Design LLC), it also sold at Toys “R” US is composed of a too high in cadmium and phthalates content.
-dinette Super play Food Set (Geoffrey LLC)
-BBQ Fisher Price (Mattel). It contains small parts that can be swallowed, thus risking to stifle children.
-It is also the case of the Littlest Pet Shop (Hasbro) range.

These last 5 years, nearly 10 million toys were stopped in U.S. ports, mostly from Chinese factories. According to the Agency for the protection of consumers, 11 people have died in accidents caused by toys in 2012, including 27% by asphyxiation. It is advisable to read the report Troubles in Toyland with attention.