The Psychology of Lipstick

The French luxury brand Guerlain offered for the first time (right) the lipstick in metal sleeve to turn, as we know it today (left).

The lipstick is considered most important cosmetics of women for 130 years. But sometimes the make up utensil reveals more about us than we believe it. Statements about nature and personality traits meet not only the choice of color, the form.

Tapering, curved or rounded: show me what form does your lipstick and I tell you who you are. Those women, whose lipstick tip has their original shape even after repeated use, is described as a faithful companion. However, she reserved towards strangers should be, but basically is a satisfied person. The tip of the lipstick is in turn around, one speaks of a mild-mannered, harmony-needy, feminine and straight people. Also those ladies, their lipstick has no tip at all, but is flattened are straight forward and above all intelligent. However, is this type of woman rather than chummy, men do not feel drawn to often to her. The types of lipstick, headed has a hollow in the middle are very emotional, romantic, and thoughtful.

The Strong Ladies

Those women, whose lipstick is sharply angled, in turn, are very extroverted. A high degree of creativity and the need to stand in the center point of the circle of friends is one of the properties. A real daredevil is one if the tip of both sides very pointed, however swinging runs.Here it’s imaginative, adventurous women. The lipstick as a roof with sharp edges is formed, is an impulsive, spirited but above all loyal and intellectually minded lipstick owner.

The Lipstick and the Emancipation

Added: absolute statements are not reliable, hitting over the top of the Cosmetic utensils. The interpretations of the forms vary widely – and is not scientifically proven theories themselves first right.

Rather, one can claim that lipstick is a symbol of a strong, emancipated woman. Because already in ancient Egypt, influential women such as Queen Nofrete the lips painted. However, it was the French luxury brand, Guerlain, who first put the lipstick in the form on the market as it still exists – in a pod to turn up. The triumph of the lipstick was in the roaring twenties. Socially asfashionable “roaring twenties” are also for a change in the role of women. New occupational fields opened up, for the first time, the ladies in the public smoked: the emancipation of womanhood took its course. The lipstick played a supporting role. It was used only by dancers and Mistress and he was once considered objectionable, spread the magical red bar in the 1920s among the ladies, became the gentle arms of the strong woman. And that to this day – regardless of form and color.