The Smart Watch From Google Is Coming: Its Specifications, Uncovered

The question is not whether Google is going to launch a smart watch or not. The question is when will it. A new filtering of the known @evleaks allows you to know several of the data that will characterize the hardware of these devices, and that seems to bring your departure date even closer.

According to these leaked data, the Google smart watch as described in intelligent timepiece will be manufactured by LG, and will feature a 1.65-inch LCD screen and a resolution of 280×280 pixels-completely square format, therefore-in addition to 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB internal storage. No information is revealed about the processor that will integrate that device or the battery that will-and that will determine the autonomy of a device that should withstand a few days without problems-but what seems clear is that Google could announce it soon.Maybe at the Google I/O conference that will take place in June in San Francisco and always gives interesting surprises.

It is interesting to compare those specifications with the recently announced Samsung Gear 2 and has a 1.63-inch screen and 320×320 pixels resolution-slightly smaller, but with more definition-in addition to a processor at 1 GHz and a battery of 300 mAh. Both memory and storage capacity are identical to those that will theoretically have the Google smartwatch.

Of course, much more is expected of the Google device in its price-for today these products are not especially affordable-and especially in its features: the arrival of an SDK for devices”available” (see that it is difficult Not resort to “wearables”) was already advanced by Sundar Pichai, chief of Android and Chrome OS. That watch could mean the definitive takeoff of a market that is waiting for someone to do things the way they should.