Thelure: Mega Clearance Sale!

Promotion… sale off… clearance sale! Who freaks out there, give skip of joy and feel to shiver at the sight of these magic words printed in the windows of shops? Oh wonderful time, huh people?! Although the coldest season of the year has recently begun, retailers are already offering discounts in winter fashion. One of the reasons for this is the global trend of anticipation of the launch of the spring/summer collection this year, for example, happened in April, even before the winter started, rather than in July, as it used to be, but it is worth remembering that theoretically the winter ends only on day 23 of September, with the beginning of spring, so until then you still run the risk of facing days of cold. And want better opportunity to ensure that your desire, by a precinho look down there? The store plunged headlong into the season of promotions and today we’ll show you the treasures of Thelure of Campo Grande (MS) who have just entered the “Off Price“, with discounts ranging from 50% to 70%. That’s right girls: a megaaa settlement, with beautiful pieces waiting to be mined.

Of course, this news has shaken our structures, what fashion doesn’t want to have a look baph of Thelure?And to our happiness, we found several pieces of clothing scatter symbols and you will continue at high in the next few seasons. That is, you enjoy the fire sale of winter and ensures several novelties for your wardrobe at half the price (or more!), without fear of making mistakes. We love it! So, if you too are such that the eyes sparkle and the heart flutters when you find a good liquid, join us today is festaaa day for ladies! We were in the shop of Thelure in Campo Grande, we chose several looks and we made a lot of flashes for you to see how much cool stuff they’re on sale!