There are Solar-Smartphones from Samsung and Apple Soon?

Solar-Smartphones are the Future

According to a report from Korea, the two Smartphone manufacturers Samsung and Apple working intensively on solar-smartphones. It is still the ideal power of smartphones of one of the topics that most moves the industry. When the battery is empty, even the best smartphone is useless one. It would be nice if the Smartphones ran and ran and ran like the Bunny battery advertising. There were smartphones, which ran just like calculator similar to solar energy, the problem would be solved. Just put on the table in the Sun the Smartphone and already the battery via the solar cells on the back of the phone is charged, until he full – and all without USB cable or AC adapter. Super! If this becomes a reality but soon, remains to be seen. Samsung has presented a first, but not really functioning solar Smartphone already in 2009 with the Smartphone Blue Earth. If however the currently circulating reports are correct, so the Korean company will take up probably again this topic in the new year. Even at Apple, some thoughts seem to turn the topic of solar smartphones, for 2011, the company has applied for a patent for the technology.

So far, the successes on the subject of solar smartphones were rather modest – especially due to the lack of capacity of small solar cells that fit on a Smartphone. They produce too little power that they could charge a battery at all even minimally. In principle Apple and Samsung would have to invent cheap mini solar cells in the production, which can reveal the immense energy of a modern Smartphone in a short time. That will be not so easy: neither Apple nor Samsung seem to have already arrived at this experimental stage. Nevertheless there will be certainly topics of solar smartphones progress in the next year. And who knows, perhaps already the one or the other prototype sees the light of day 2014?

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