Tights Are Not Pants Meaning

Although medieval tights have been used by men today seem almost absurd to see a man to wear tights. Once this accessory, which today is considered typical for women was worn by nobility precisely.

From the moment in which people have invented tights whose original purpose was to warm objectives legs, they were a symbol of wealth and affluence. Only about 200 years ago have become an indispensable part of women’s wardrobe.

When talking about tights, usually we imagine namely those thin tights made of lycra with which the female leg always looks elegant. Nowadays continue to produce men’s hosiery, for a period of time even on the catwalks were leaving men wearing tights.

For example, back in 2009 at London design houses have tried to sell men’s printed tights costing about 70 pounds, and this fashion trend quickly transferred and overseas.

In Oxford, one of the most famous university towns where centuries morality is highly valued in 2012 was accepted at the university men can wear not just stockings but skirts. In 2013, many world popular Italian brands such as Roberto Cavalli is also trying to impose tights as unisex accessory.

All these trends could not last long. Just tights are not associated with the male physique and everyone would be amazed or even pointed a finger if you see on the streets any man who wears fine and thin tights or pants defined by Directoryaah.

Here are some thoughts why men today do not wear tights and which are the only cases that are considered normal to see a man in tights:

– Had more than 2 centuries believes that only women can wear tights, it can hardly be changed;

– If you see a man in tights will immediately decide that is either gay or transvestite;

– The fine ladies tights worn by man can prove that he has a fetish for women’s feet, shod in beautiful thin tights or long socks worn with a corset from soft part of society. But the sight of a man wearing tights would still be absurd;

– An man to wear tights only during specific sports, such as cycling, for example;

– Men whose work is associated with exposure to extreme low temperatures, it is customary to wear tights, but they are in the form of thermal underwear;

– Wearing tights is unnatural for the male anatomy. As has been proven that close underwear briefs as tight as harmful to be worn by men, the same negative effect would occur if the men begin to wear tights.