Tip: 5 Ways to Use Maxi Paste

Hello guys, how are you? How’s life?
Today the subject is about an accessory that makes women disappear! We particularly are in love for accessories that complement the look by leaving it more stylish and interesting. We are always in search of them.

5 Ways to Use Maxi Paste 3

It’s been a while since we began to invest in maxi necklaces and we are increasingly “addicted” hahaha. There are so many options, colors and styles that it’s impossible not to be crazy and end up buying several.

Today the market offers a range of materials, types and prices. Are beautiful pieces that transform any look in fraction of seconds, then just choose your favorite and use creativity according to MustownJewelry.com.

5 Ways to Use Maxi Paste 1

But remember that it is very easy to get lost in this “vibe” and end up carrying more visual, leaving that confusion of information. So, take a pen and paper and take down all our tips, to create beautiful productions and out mega cool out there:

1) Maxi + shirt:collar and shirt is a charm, the combination of the collar with the accessory looks great more, a tip is to use the paste with all the buttons of the shirt closed. Generally people think the shirt can only be used on fancy occasions, but no, it is a piece that can also be used with a casual jeans, shorts or skirt. And the maxi paste can complete any of the options.

Maxi + t-shirt:know that day that you’re not very inspired or willing to create a look super prepared? The maxi paste can help you, you just put a shirt of plain color (white is pretty cool), stamped or striped and add the paste, quick, practical and serious, it is very stylish.

Maxi + or tricot sweater:another quick and easy way to create a look interesting is to bet on the combination of the paste with a blouse or sweater knitting, that are pieces that can be used in winter, autumn and spring. Apparently the sweater is a simple piece, but the maxi paste will give that special touch.

5 Ways to Use Maxi Paste 2

4) Maxi + Jacket:the jacket is also another part that doesn’t fit only for fancy occasions, he can certainly be used on a daily basis and is beautiful with a maxi collar, for the bold, colorful blazers look great with necklaces, are great choices.

5) Maxi + dress:you know when you put that race dress, strapless or spaghetti straps and get the feeling that something is missing? Guess what is this something? The maxi necklace hahaha. A simple dress and cute, a sneaker and a necklace is more than enough to kill.

Friendly Tip:if you are more basic, opt for maxi necklaces that don’t have as much luster and are as a detail in clothes, there are several sizes which can fit with your style. But if you’re one of those who “check all”, is played in numerous color choices, sizes, stones, materials and always try something new, so you will have several options that can match many different looks.

hope you enjoyed the post, we will soon see our maxi necklaces through video, stay tuned!

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