Tips For Combining Earrings

Earrings, earrings, earrings or rings are elements that allow us to supplement our look. There are several types of earrings, different materials and forms.

The use of the earrings as described in accessory matching is purely ornamental and is used not only in the ears, but throughout the body.

Earrings and the earrings are an essential accessory for women, but not all remain well according to the shape of our face or hairstyle that we carry. Then we will make a short summary so know what earrings are better, according to model, style, clothing, etc., for each of us.

Oval face

The oval face is perfect, since comes almost everything, any kind of cutting hair, hairstyle and also of earrings. In this case, we dare to try all styles of earrings, short, long, sober, extravagant, each will choose which most fits either, choosing them according to the occasion.
Round face

If your face is round, same way, like earrings earrings should not be type ring, because these will further emphasize the round shape of the face. The perfect are elongated or rectangular, or triangular design earrings and pendants, since this lengthen the face.

Rectangular face

Contrary to the previous case, the advice for this type of face is round, like the rings or fields designs earrings, since so long and square face shape are dimmed. Avoid long earrings.
Square face

The square face is characterized by angles marked on the Chin and forehead. In this case, it is recommended use elongated earrings of any shape, oval of any design or also glued to his ear but small. Importantly, avoid large stuck earrings.

Triangular face

This face has the shape of an inverted triangle. In this case almost all the pending are well, just try not wearing earrings that have this same way, i.e. that are wider at the top and that end up in punta, that accentuate the shape of the face.

Face type diamond

This face is characterized by very marked and prominent cheeks. The best choice are large and extravagant, earrings go very well with this face shape which is usually large.
Styling of the face

Earrings or rings are an indispensable accessory in women, but not all types and shapes are you well to all faces.

For a rather low stature, we descartaremos very long or very large earrings. We opt for small and glued. The highest can afford to take these rings.

Fine and long earrings should be combined with V neckline necklines or necklines cowl neck.

If we take a turtle neck, avoid get stuck earrings that are very big.
Very well rounded necklines combined with outstanding type ring.

The hairstyle is another important factor to keep in mind.
The collected as a monkey high or low, a queue with toupee or even the semirrecogidos always enhance the most earrings display. If you have hair short style garcon, test with small models button.

And finally and very importantly, we must think about clothes we will take and the type of event that we went. As a general rule, small earrings have a more elegant effect, while long ones tend to be more associated with a glamorous party look.

If we take a piece of paillettes, with jewel neckline or a very showy necklace, choose a simple model and not very big to not reload the look. On the other hand, if we look a basic model as an LBD or a white shirt, we dare with a model much more eye-catching best to put the touch deluxe to your outfit.

What do you think it may be your ideal model?