Tips for Pokemon Pearl

Here’s tips of the games pokemon diamond/pearl for nintendo ds.

Here I’m putting tips from pokemon pearl/diamond.

How to get Pokemon lendarios:


You can find it at Lakefront Value in Southeast map.


you have to go to Verity Lakefront and talk to him and he’s going to run, you just going to keep the Queen safe anywhere from Sinoh. Verity Lakefront is located in the southwest of the map.


You can find it at Acuity Lakefront in the North of the map.


You can find palkia/dialga on spear pillar.


First you get the national pokedex and go the old chateau in the tv room and talk to the tv and you fought with rotom.


to get giratina you gotta go the spring path that localisa in the southeast of the map and enter the cave va through the halls until find giratina.


you have to go to stark mountain and on route 227 arrives until the end of it the second time and you will find hetran.


first go to canalave city (you must be with national pokedex) and between the nearest of those boats. The estrara boy in bed talk with mom and you will have to go to an island it you find cresselia and she will run. Now you can anywhere from a sinoh.


you needs for an item that you find in the event that makes you go into a room in canalave city and the man will let you stay there for one night until the night you and troubled by darkrai ai you will be transported to an island where is darkrai.


in the event you get a letter from professor oak to find on route 224 when reach her talk to him and then va will get him until shaymin arrive somewhere, talk with shaymin and start the battle.


get in the Exchange or download pokemon regirock and registeel, regice for your game, put them in your group and va in that temple of that city in the region and at the end you will find a statue of regigigas, save before speaking with him.

now the rest is so download mew, mewtwo, articuno, moltres, zapidos, celebi, lugia, ho-oh, etc. of game boy Pokemon for pokemon pearl/diamond.nao have any pokemon game boy!

just ask in Exchange you have a ditto level 100 any Exchange

day care:

This tip and for those who don’t know or be those who’ve just bought the game.

In solaceon town, you think a place called day care and la voce leaves one pokemon male and another female after a while your pokemons can raise the level and lay an egg.

but to get the egg and need they be reliably combined. As thus combine? they have to be a little more equal the ditto can combine with everyone but lendario.uma tip to match and put pokemons with same type. Example: female and male combee duxtroks wmple.

Here a tip and that when you put a female and a male is more likely to leave the pokemon who and female than the male.

rare pokemons:


and a rare pokemon that you get on route 209 you think a well close to the Lake and let odd keystone (to do all that you have to be at night) then talk to 32 people and look at the well again and you fought with espiritomb.


to get lucario va iron island and va with five Pokemon va up to find 1 1 person who had followed a serto point, meet the other coaches and the team galatica until that person you from an egg that hatches and becomes a riolo that to evolve he needs to be happy and he evoluira to lucario.


You can only keep the Queen safe in valley windworks on Fridays.

new pokemons:

you once you get the national pokedex va up to sandgem town and va in the House Southeast talk to little girl and she will talk about the pokemon and the local va up to this place and find with the pokeradar.


on wi fi conection you can battle and trade pokemons with anyone from other places so if you want to battle me ta the name and code: