Tips For The LG G4 Camera: So You Shoot Good Photos

Better photos with the LG G4: the main camera of the top Smartphones from LG offers you not only a resolution of 16 MP, but also special features such as optical image stabilization and auto laser focus. It is also one of the first Smartphone cameras on the market, with which you can save pictures in RAW format. We have compiled a few tips for you so that you can achieve when taking pictures even better results.

Differences Of The Camera Modes

The camera app of the LG G4 offers “General” and “Manually” three different modes you with “Easy”. The simple mode is restricted, you can press the shutter button only.

If you are not just professionals, the “General” mode is recommended. There, you can set various things themselves such as focus or a grid. At the same time you will not overwhelmed but also with configuration options. If you want to have full control over the settings, you should select “Manually” also values such as ISO, to be able to adjust shutter speed and the like.

Tips For The LG G4 Camera So You Shoot Good Photos

Do Not Use Quick Shot

The quick shot function of LG G4 is virtually on sight: so you can take a photo directly by her twice press the “Decrease volume” button, which is located under the camera lens on the back. In this way, you must first unlock the device and open the camera app – because this way you missed sometimes exactly the moment that you actually want to hold.

But the quick shot feature also has a decisive disadvantage: so you don’t see in the preview, what you take with what focus. The result is often shaky or blurry images. Therefore, you should avoid the function whenever possible.

Correctly Use The Focus

The auto focus of the LG G4 supported by laser is not always automatically focuses on the object on which it’s you in the photo. Usually, the auto focus is aligned but the center of the image.

Therefore, you should place the main subject of the image in case of doubt when shooting in the middle. If you want to put it in the golden ratio, for example, you can always still behind do this by cropping the photo.

Tips For Selfies

The front camera of LG G4 is suitable with the resolution of 8 MP for self portraits. If you use the Selfie camera, quite a few filters are preset, which aims to improve the quality of images.

These include blur and filter to the smoothing of the skin. These can appear but often unrealistic images – it turns off so at best, if of course published recording is important to you.


  • If you you fairly familiar with camera settings, you should take advantage of the mode “General”
  • Advanced “Manual” is recommended, because you can change here also values such as ISO or shutter speed
  • With a quick shot you can quickly record a photo by pressing the “volume down” button
  • Often the images however are blurry, so you better without the feature
  • Placed the subject in the middle – and move it later by editing
  • Disables the default Selfie filter for more natural pictures