Tips on Choosing Bras

A bra the right size is the key to an impeccable. Too loose and ill-fitting, it will not help. In addition, your breast tissue may be damaged. A poorly supported breasts will make you look older and weigh down your figure. But if it is too tight, your bra may cut your skin. So, to find the right model and how well take your measurements, follow our advice.

Fashion Tip # 1: Measure your Chest Below Tower

Wear your normal bra. Use a meter that you place just below your chest.

Add to that measure 12.5cm to know your size. If for example your chest measurement between 68 and 72 cm, height is 85, between 73 and 77, she is 90 and between 78 and 82 cm, it is 95. If your chest below round is over 90 cm, add only 2.5 to 7.5 cm to find your size.

If you have a chest size of below between 96 and 110 cm, add nothing.

Council Mode # 2: Determine the Size of Your Bra Cup

Measure your chest where it is the most generous, the ribbon taut horizontally.

The difference between this measurement and your chest below indicates turn your cup size.

If you have a chest beneath round 81 cm and chest circumference of 100 cm, the difference being 19 cm, your cup size is D. If the difference is 13 cm, your cup size is A, if it is 17 cm, your cup size is C and if it is of the order of 23 cm, choose a cap F.

Fashion Tip # 3: Try the Bra

Do not staple it in reverse by moving the locking system under your breasts to turn then backwards. Lean forward to move your breasts well in the cups and staple your bra in the back to the second notch.

Fashion Tip # 4: Adjust the Straps

If the straps are too thin, they will tend to mark your shoulders.

Choose a model with slightly wider straps or with gel pads. Do not forget to readjust the straps every time you put a bra.

Council Mode # 5: Check that the Model Chosen Fits You Perfectly

Your breasts should fill the cups but without overflowing. A cap that cuts the top of the breast and brings out is too small. Take a size up.

If the cap is yawns or pockets, lift the breast and place it right in the middle. If the cap still yawns, take one size smaller.

Make sure the plates are covered with slightly fleece for maximum comfort. And finally the center of the bra should be flat against the skin.

Tip Maintain Your Lingerie

Because you wear your underwear next to the skin, it deserves the utmost care. It is best to wash your bras by hand in lukewarm water with a mild detergent solution. To wring, squeeze gently, without twisting. Let dry in the open air. The bleach and dryer are to be avoided because they are narrow and mostly they damage the fabric elasticity.

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