Tips on How to Choose Frames for Living Room

Picture of landscape is not the only option for the living room. See 6 tips to hit the choice of artwork.

The frames for the living room are able to beautify the living area of the House. However, to choose the pieces correctly, you need to respect the personality of the residents and identify the predominant style in the decoration. Read the story and see tips to facilitate your choice.

After you furnish the room with sofa, coffee table, rack and armchairs, now is the time to think about home furnishings. These elements are responsible for breaking up the monotony of the environment and add a little life to the layout. Among the best options of decorative objects, it is worth highlighting the paintings.

The paintings are charming, sophisticated and able to enhance the walls. The best models for living room are those that speak to the rest of the decoration and represent the preferences of residents.

Tips on how to choose frames for living room

Who decides to put tables in the living room normally is faced with several questions. Among them are: what kind of art blends with the environment? It is necessary to combine the colors? What is the ideal size of the pieces?

Check out some tips on How to choose frames for living room:

1-identify what the room requests

The environment influences the choice of the ideal framework. The same work of art used to decorate the bedroom is not always good for the living room and vice versa. However, stay tuned: not only with landscape paintings decorating a room.

There are many styles of art that combine with the decor of the living room. A contemporary setting, for example, is super modern and stylish when adorned with abstract paintings in Kentontrade.

2 – choose the best place

The choice of the location where the picture is also a crucial item for decoration. In the case of a room with classic style, the pieces can be hung on the side walls or on the front wall. Already in a Scandinavian-style environment, it pays to support the frame in a sidebar instead of hanging on the wall.

A classic way to decorate the room with frames is creating a composition behind the couch. This form of arrangement usually works in every room.

2-Enhance the decoration style

The style of the frame should harmonise with the proposal. A Renaissance painting in oil, for example, has nothing to do with a living room minimalist, but can contribute to the aesthetics of a classic environment.

When choosing a work of art, browse to combine it with the decoration style prevalent in the environment and feel an emotional connection with the play.

3 – think of the combination of colors

Find a balance between the colors and the colors of the decor. In a living room decorated with neutral tones, for example, a work of art with bold colors can bring life and joy to the environment.

4-set the ideal size

Small rooms ask for frames with compact sizes, otherwise it creates a visual pollution. On the other hand, if the room is large and airy, worth investing in bigger frames, which can be hung on the central wall.

Before hanging the art on the wall, remember to dispose the parts on the floor and create the best possible game of proportions. Then, you just have to pass this idea of composition for the vertical space.

5-Consider the amount

Your room has vintage/retro style? So it may be the case to mount an artistic composition with multiple frames on the wall, preferably with different sizes. In the case of minimalist décor, the ideal is to work with a few tables.

The size of the environment also influences the amount of frames used in the decoration of the living room. A comfortable little asks a few frames. A wider space doesn’t have so many restrictions in relation to the number of works of art.

6-Combine frames

The frame should follow the style of the table and, of course, environment decoration.

There are two types of frames: the classic and the modern. In the first case, the aesthetic is more crafted and with strong colors like silver or gold. In the second, there is a concern in using neutral tones, clean lines and few details.

The frames that make up the decoration of the room need not have equal frames. You don’t have to worry about combining the frames with the color of the furniture.

Like the tips? Left some doubt about the choice of frames for the living room? Leave a comment.