Tips on How to Dress for a Job Interview

We’re about to start the text with a dose of reality: clothes for a job interview does not necessarily guarantee the achievement of the ideal job, what does this is what you say and do during the interview; their attitudes will determine his professional fate.
But we can’t let our garments aside, because the first impression is always the one. The act of entering the room, with the portfolio under his arms and ready to shake the hand of his future boss will form the impression that will remain until the end of the interview and who knows how much longer.

The recruiter will form an opinion about you, be it positive or negative, based on their appearance and behavior as soon as I get to know you.
Even if you’re not applying for a job that requires a formal dress, you can always choose something formal to wear during the job interview. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit every time, but just because you see people coming in and out of the Office with jeans doesn’t mean that you should not wear your best for the occasion.
Dress for a job interview is never simple, but there are some rules and tips that you can follow to make this job easier than you might think. Allow us to introduce them to you:

What to Wear on a Job Interview: the Rules

Be comfortable

Do not choose a piece that you haven’t already used. While it may seem tempting to buy a new outfit for the interview, you won’t want any complications occur in time to dress her up like a descosturada line, or a moment, “I didn’t realize this was a transparent” on the big day.
If you do not resist and buy something new for the interview, buy and use as a test a few days before. If you are afraid to let sweat marks, or makeup, choose a darker color.

Confidence is the key

If you own a dress, or a set that always gets praise from others, don’t be afraid to choose this play’s oldest and favorite. You will feel confident and know you’re pretty and that will help you focus on what to say and how to act during the conversation with the recruiter.

Black = boredom

If your black pieces are your “security blanket” when it comes to clothes, don’t run him, but add a dash of color, or pattern to get you attention in the midst of other candidates.
A printed silk blouse under a classic black blazer is a great outfit to wear on a job interview. Just avoid wearing a black dress under a black jacket with a black shoe to finish. A bright and colorful look will get more smiles than a look completely black.


Speaking of smiles, there’s no better accessory than them. Always, always start with an interview with a big smile from the moment that you present to the recruiting officer, no matter how nervous you are. A smile will please the future head instantly and things are going to start with the right foot. Smile and nod your head while the recruiter talk. This is also important. With these attitudes, you will keep the energy of the interview always positive.

Shoes: they care

When the recruiter looks at you from head to toe, his gaze will be finalized in their shoes. Be sure they are clean. Never, ever choose heels that you can’t walk right – you never know how you’re going to have to walk from the building’s concierge to the meeting room. The safest choice is to bet on a shoe with heels and square average.
Very flashy colors on the shoes too are not welcome. If you want to add a touch of light in look through them, choose a pattern, or a pastel shade of course.

Of all these tips, the best of all is confidence. Don’t let the clothes wear you, but put your clothes in all its actions. Between upright and with the thought that you will get that spot. Positive thoughts attract positive achievements.