To Increase the Life Span of the Dog: What You Can Do for Your Dog to Live Longer and Better

To increase the life span of the dog so they can keep up for more years is a desire common to all owners who enjoy the company of your animal. This can be achieved by some simple rules such as eating healthy, regular care of health, exercise and always keeping you safe.

To Increase the Life Span of the Dog What You Can Do for Your Dog to Live Longer and Better

To increase the life span of the dog in a healthy way is the desire of any owner who enjoy the company of your animal. There are no miracles, and the average life expectancy of a dog is invariably shorter than that of a human, however there are certain precautions that can make you live longer and better.



Contrary to what goes on in the majority of the species of the Animal Kingdom, in dogs, the bigger they are, the lower their average life expectancy. Breeds of large size and heavy will have a longevity of about 8 years, as they grow older at a more rapid rate than the races more small.


There are certain diseases that will naturally influence and lead to complications throughout the life of the dog, such as for example diabetes mellitus or leishmaniasis. There are also some breeds that are more predisposed to certain diseases and neoplasms.



Provide a quality food and appropriate for each stage of the life of the dog is already halfway to a long life. Whatever the option chosen, since feed commercial food, home cooked (not to be confused with the remains of our food), the important thing is that it contains good ingredients and provide the nutrients needed.

The excessive power while the puppy increases the rate of growth, is not desirable as it is incompatible with the proper development of the skeleton and contributes to obesity later in life.

Already in animals geriatric, their efficiency in metabolizing certain nutrients is not so high, so that the rations come formulated to supplement these losses.

Excess food does not increase the life-time of the dog once that obesity is related with a decrease in the quality of life, cardiovascular problems, arthritis, exercise intolerance, among others.


The prevention of diseases through the ida often the veterinarian is at the base of a long life.

Adult dogs should take place on a veterinary examination complete at least once per year. Already the puppies need veterinary visits monthly up to 4 months of age. The geriatric (above 7-8 years) should refer to the veterinarian two times per year, as being more likely to occur disease in older animals, these would be detected sooner, when sometimes the prognosis is still favorable.

Respect the protocol established by the veterinarian in relation to vaccines and desparasitações is also essential since it prevents the emergence of a wide variety of diseases.


The maintenance of a good oral health through brushing regular teeth (with toothpaste own dog), sticksanti-tartar and, if necessary, scaling at the veterinarian, helps in maintaining a healthy life. This is due to the fact that teeth malcuidados hinder the intake and shredding of the food, causing bad to be and predisporem the disease by spreading bacterial, in particular in the heart.


The recommendation of the clinic is that all of the dogs that are not to be used as breeding stock to be sterilized. In addition to preventing litters of unwanted and risky behaviors (mainly in males), prevents future serious medical problems such as disease, prostate in males and infection in the uterus and cancer breast in the females.


Physical exercise is important to increase the life time of the dog because it helps to maintain healthy system musculoskeletal and prevents obesity. In addition, the exercise and mental stimulation contribute to a decrease in stress and a better quality of life, fleeing to certain diseases and behavioural anomalies that are associated with the accumulation of energy.

Rides, races, training, games and socialization with other animals are good choices.


Though it may seem obvious, this point is often overlooked. It is important to maintain the safety of the dog (and others around you) through tours controlled, the establishment of a space protected with a security perimeter in relation to the road or a good restraint on your transportation in cars.

Unfortunately, the rate of death or injury by hit-and-run, traffic accident or by eating something toxic or poisonous is still quite high, and can easily be controlled with some rules of basic safety.