Top 5 Smartphone Manufacturers According to IDC: Samsung Rears Head

We always sell more smartphones, is hardly a surprise, but the latter quarter concluded in late September showed a new record and, especially, saw all five leading manufacturers with welcome sign. According to IDC estimates the units sold have reached 355.2 million in Q3 2015 — the 6.8% more compared to the previous quarter and slightly below the expectations of the same research company, mostly for iPhone volumes less than expected.

All major manufacturers have shown a special attention in the development of its top range, however, show room for improvement, was still the medium segment, especially in emerging countries. Let the results brand by brand, underlining a growing and constant presence of Chinese houses, certainly among the most mobile of the entire panorama between southerners.


Good news for Samsung after any quarter down, the Korean House is obviously first thanks to 84.5 million smartphones sold, but to Exult Seoul is + 6.1% compared to last year, a sign that something has changed in the trend. Certainly weighed in the balance the two new Notes 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge, clocking sales above average in September while waiting they debuted the new iPhone. But most of the work was done by the ‘ working class ‘, or the economic models under $ 200 sold in emerging markets.


With 48 million iPhones sold in the time all that is needed is to celebrate in Cupertino, also because this is the 22.2 percent more than last year and it is largely the sales data of the latest models, we will have a better idea with accounts of Q4 2015. Despite being launched in September, Apple managed to sell well in its first week of 13 million iPhones 6S and 9s Plus, but in the quarter remained vigorous, the marketing of iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus, thanks also to the next price cut.


With 26.5 million units Huawei is the real Cinderella, unique among top 5 to increase the volumes of 60.9% compared to last year. Undisputed third place of the podium and a third of sales driven by its medium to high end products with exceptional results in China and Europe. However, Huawei remains now the last bet, to make another step forward will have to convince the United states, where sales are still pretty feeble.


The fourth position is about the duo now known with Motorola, the two brands (United under one roof) totalled 18.8 million unit sales (+ 11.1%), thanks to good sales made score by Lenovo in the Middle East, Africa and Europe East/Central. Areas where Motorola has managed to keep some success are always the two Americas, with Moto X, G and E for excellent


The Cinderella of last year has more or less stabilized, grew by 5.6% compared to Q3 2014 with 18.3 million devices sold 52.1 million during the period and for the full year. China remains the favorite market, but sales are fine even in India, South East Asia and Brazil, it will be difficult to go beyond these thresholds without setting foot in Europe and the USA. Among the records that Xiaomi can boast we also Redmi Note 2, the most popular model among Chinese buyers.