Top Baby Products

I separated some products that I consider essential in any stage of your baby and they were super helpful for me. Those “can’t live without”! Used, tested and approved super quality.
Put various items and super recommend to who’s riding outfit.

Body Carters-Are raised the best, the most stretch and with excellent quality. Bruna used right up to 1 year.

Avent Soothers–although not the preferred model of Bruna (she loves to mem), I consider the best. Because no other comes with a protective cap, which is great because you don’t need to save in a box. Out I only take them inside the bag.

Diaper Soft Touch Max-is the only one that didn’t leak the night. Is not the model we use for during the day because I think it’s a little harsh. But for the night is excellent, never leaked even on nights that you sleep more than 12 hours Bruna.

Bib Carters-I like this model with side velcro closure that doesn’t hurt. fabric is out and has a waterproof layer inside. Were the only ones who after 1 year remained intact.

Bags for storing Lansinoh breast milk-more practical that the jars, do not take up space in the freezer and are disposable.

Ointment for diaper rash Cetrilam–love this ointment. For being thick she’s great to spend the night before the baby sleep for many hours. Helped me a lot too every time to Bruna baked.

Sleeping bags-Well, these won’t even explain the reason because there were so many times I have spoken here on the blog that you might be tired!

Wipes… for Dummies–are great to carry in your purse because they serve to clean and sterilize pacifiers and toys that fall on the ground without having to take the microwave.

Basic Socks Gap–Are very thick, don’t go out and do not form small balls. In addition are super elastic and you enjoy for a long time.

Whenever you give, I will update this list with products that I think it’s worth putting.
And you moms, which would put the most???