Types of Classic Chanel Bags

The Chanel handbags are pure luxury, so part of the imagination of some women who cherish the elegance. Begun in Paris in the 20s, the Chanel designer who takes the surname of his first seamstress and fashion designer, Coco Chanel, has never been a brand of cheap products.Chanel had a focus: high fashion with comfort, and this is reflected in their purses, shoes and parades in general today. The style may have changed, but the luxury of parts not.

Types of Classic Chanel Bags

Bags Original Chanel

Because they are in the imagination of thousands of women in the world, Chanel has a little problem: it is one of the most pirated brands on every continent. The Chinese are the Chanel piracy manufacturing into champions, and not original bags are common in popular markets. Still others sell Chanel not like the French fashion house, so great care is at the time of purchase.

Whether you are buying original Chanel handbags is simple. The first step is the price: if it is too cheap, be suspicious.

The most basic line of designer costs at least $ 300 Chanel on sale. It much depends on what the store is calling internetages. Even as a burning to receive the next collection, you need to get at least the cost back, and under $ 300 is not even original.

The brand is known for using a wide variety of high quality materials for your bags. The most common leather buffalo, crocodile skin, felt the napa which is full grain leather, calfskin, some textured leather models, ostrich skin, patent leather, among others. They are therefore resistant materials, with characteristic aroma and do not look anything like plastic. You look weak stuff?Possibly even then flee the item.

When buying the stock, you need to see an authenticity card.

This card will be printed and will have the number of the item number. If the bag is new, you do not have a card, then you are on a fake Chanel bag. If you are buying a used bag, you can not have it and it will not be a problem.

There is always a serial number on the inside of the bag, usually below the Golden Chanel logo. This number is printed on a white label and can be found both inside the lower left corner or inside zipper pocket. There is a hologram in extremely difficult to copy center and can not be removed. If it can be deleted, it is further confirmation that you are not on the original Chanel handbags.

Another important information for purchase. The sides of the zipper must have the recording of the Chanel name and brand logo. The logos and the zipper have to line up for an authentic bag. All colors must match, including printing.

Chanel Bags Prices

Having a Chanel bag is a refinement of tone and style. And because of this, the brand does not charge cheap to use their luxury products and chic. And how much will it charges? At least R $ 300 for basic models of basic, but this value can go to the heights. The more increased for the item, the more expensive, of course, it will be. And what would make a face Chanel purse? Miscellaneous items, such as precious stones in ordered lines, with noble metals like gold and silver in their moorings, rare animal leather, among others. There Chanel handbag costing more than R $ 100 and items fiercely competitive by brand lovers.

Another factor may become the most expensive item: launch. If a newly released model and used by a famous, the price goes on high.

If one passed without great success model, the value may be more inviting. The lovers of the brand (it’s a completely female line) guarantee: are items that are worth the investment.

Buy Chanel Bags

And where to buy such items? The best place to ensure the originality of the item is to visit the official stores of the brand, now present in the main national capitals. Internet, great care is. The trusted sites, talk to independent sellers and search data on the product purchased with caution. Low prices and other new sites, even more suspicious.