Unboxing Beat2, Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Beat2, a wireless speaker and waterproof ideal for those who want to enjoy the best music abroad or during your bike rides.

Today is “April 20”, as in his song the Group Celtas Cortos. We have chosen such a day like today to introduce our speaker Beat 2 more closely as described in useful device. Remove this box and share the content with you.

Wireless Speaker Beat2 Unboxing

We analyze the contents of the packing of the Primux Beat2. Remember to subscribe to our channel to get notifications whenever we got a new one:

Contents Of The Box

First, we have a package very similar to Primux Beat 1 that we saw a few weeks ago. A black carton with the title that identifies the product. Remove it and see a box of modern design with details in red that perfectly combines both colors. We separate both parts of the box and displayed the “Thermo”, as we call it here. We get the Beat2 from its case and discovered a box under a hollow protection at the Center where they included cables USB, minijack 3, 5 mm and the user manual. We return to close the box and clean the traces as if nothing had happened (in the video noticed that the tabs are not used to remove the packing box).

Analysis Of Connections And Buttons

With speaker located horizontally, in the left part, the power button is available. On the right side, under a rubber tab, we find the Connection USB IN 5V to recharge the internal battery, another Connector AUX for audio from your multimedia device with possibility of connection wired input minijack 3, 5 mm and the microphone.

Features Primux Beat 2

Resistance Waterproof IPx4

Thanks to a hard plastic casing this off-road speaker is resistant to dust and rain so you can consider you as a perfect speaker for use outdoors on rainy days or during sessions of mountain biking or trail. Very carefully with the dip the device in water. Make it Waterproof IPX4 means that it has protection against water sprayed from all directions – think of rain water. Please, not think you put it in a container or tub because probably the speaker ceases to function and damage.


Beat2 speaker has two types of connection. Wireless connectivity via bluetooth 4.0 with serious improvement that will allow you to enjoy all of your music and the best sound connecting to your computer, smartphone or tablet compatible wireless. If you have a multimedia device without bluetooth do not worry, you can use the loudspeaker by connecting it together wired with cable included in the box.

Sound quality

The output power of 5W x 2 channels delivers quality, amazing sound for the small size of the waterproof bluetooth speaker Primux Beat 2.

Autonomy and battery

Enjoy hours of sound clear and quality thanks to 4000 mAh battery assembling Primux Beat 2. The charging time, until reaching the maximum speaker recharge, is approximately 4 hours. In addition, it is able to reach a time up to 9 hours.


Thanks to its Bluetooth connection range of up to 10 meters you can link your favorite devices and play music and sounds that you want. Its 180x73x70mm dimensions make this waterproof speaker an excellent alternative to take with you a powerful audio amplifier that delivers great sound.


Enjoy the music in the outside without concern that have enough battery and receive a really good sound quality. Beat 2 allows you to listen to your favorite artists or conversations with hands-free thanks to an excellent connectivity Bluetooth 4.0. Very useful for outdoor use and cycling enemies headphones who prefer to listen to great music.