United States: S First Parka

1830 John Rich began a wool factory in a small town in Pennsylvania called Woolrich. The basic idea was to create simple clothes for a harder and colder climate. Now, 175 years later, live these values still exist and mark, who had the same name as the small town, has met with new success outside United States borders.

Sweden begins open their eyes to the outdoor-apparel brand WP Works, which is actually an Italian. WP Works started in Bologna in 1982 by businessman Giuseppe Calori and his daughter Cristina. Three years later, WP Works agent for Woolrich. Success came with the introduction of Woolrich Parka, the Woolrich developed long before brands Canada Goose was even intended. WP Works have also had success with introducing several other brands for the European market. They were the first Vans and in Florida in 1991, they discovered propellerkepsen. In addition, it was they who launched Woolrichs English counterpart Barbour on the Italian market and did Barbour as hot on Corso Como as in Cornwall.

In addition to the Parka is said also to Woolrich was the first zipper in slacks. The concept for the clothes is to make use of both natural and artificial materials. The clothes must be practical, meaning that the wearer do not delete them and easily wash them. Woolrich offers a complete collection of everything from jackets to merinoullsstrumpor. The original values of quality garments for a tougher climate still lives there and Woolrich has become a symbol for everything from polar researchers to fashion vicitims.

In Sweden sold Woolrich on Power, Sea + Snow garage and Savile Row in Stockholm. In Gothenburg selling NK and United Fashion Woolrich. To experience their clothing online recommended a look at WP Lavoris website. The official website for the brand seems to be adapted for the U.S. market, which is seen on the choice of products.