Unlocked: Our Site Working on App-Flat Rate

Our site’s own Android app store, the so-called app shop, has enjoyed since the opening in 2011 an ever increasingly popular. Not least also because the online mail order traders daily offers for free an app on special occasions even entire packages. To further increase the popularity of the app store, the group is now planning the next step: with unlocked our site works on an app-flat rate, users get in the future at no cost with the selected applications, games, and in-app purchases that are otherwise subject to a charge. Reported techcrunch and invokes an internal our site presentation.

Games and applications

Leaked presentation material proves not only the existence of our site unlocked, but shows a part of the offer contained in it: so our site wants to dash and Monument Valley in the framework of the new offering in addition to games like Sonic also productive applications like officesuite 8 + PDF Converter for free to offer including the corresponding function, which you otherwise must unlock additional in-app purchases. To achieve all this, our site according to techcrunch is currently in negotiations with many developers.

50 games apps for Android smartphones

Prominent placement

In order to reach as many developers as well as users with our site unlocked, the online mail order traders want to place as is evident from the documents prominently participating apps within the app store. But also sharing via social networks will allow the present information to our site. Whether developers away from the concomitant higher attention should be also monetarily compensated, is unknown.

Apps remain functional

A developer decides however later once, no longer to provide its apps for unlocked users need to worry however: as the our site presentation is also out, users can continue to use the programs if they have already installed it at the time on your device even after the departure of. So far free in-app purchases are then no longer possible.

Start unknown

When our site unlocked starts, is unknown. It is also uncertain whether Our site integrates its new offering in its paid subscription to Prime or checkout asks unlimited extra at its advanced books-Flatrate Kindle. Should our site decide but for the former, contain Prime customers in addition to Vergunstigugen shipping, selected ebooks, series and films in the future apps for free.