US Announces Execution Trapped on Twitter

Using an app from your iPhone, Mark Shurtleff, the attorney general of the US state of Utah announced on Twitter the execution by firing squad of a prisoner convicted of murders committed in the 80s.

Ronnie Lee Gardner was sentenced to death in 1985 after killing a lawyer in a court while trying to escape a trial in which he was accused of taking the life of a clerk in a bar. By the time he was sentenced to death Gardner had the option to choose the way they want to die and for some reason chose a firing squad.

“I just give orders to the director of the prison to proceed with the execution of Gardner. May God have mercy to him who denied his victims, “he wrote the prosecutor, who was not slow to face the reaction of the sailors, which defined death and your ad on the site microblogging as” horrible “among other protests.

A user identified as @James_Meade, for example, wrote that “the Attorney General, you did a live tweet during a run? How old are you, 12? Show some professionalism “while@warmanpunchy wrote Shurtleff that” your tweets are insensitive and disgusting. Death by firing squad is horrible. ”

Two hours later the post of discord, Shurtleff announced a press conference to talk about Gardner’s death. [BBC]