USB Hubs Aukey

USB ports you can never have enough, and just Macbook owners will lack the know this.

And just this Mac user tries Aukey with its USB 3.0 Hub in “Apple style” to respond.

The tested by me here Router in different sizes 4Ports, 7Ports, 10Ports, 13 ports.

I have the ones with 4 ports for around € 10.

This HUB is delivered in a simple but beautiful packaging. In addition to the hub, only a halfway long USB cable (1m) was in my case. For larger versions of the hubs also partially power supplies are to be able to supply supplied to all ports with power.

The Aukey M3H4 itself is processed really excellent and fits very well with the Apple computers. Only the edges are a bit sharp but how many times have you his stroke in his hand?

The 4 USB ports on the Aukeys are slightly angled, quite optimal solution. Unlike powered USB hubs from eUSBHubs where the ports are on the front, does not shift to the hub when inserted.

Also, the HUB itself is not quite as easy as it is partially the plastic models. However, I would you still recommend a small piece of double sided tape on the bottom to make, unless the Aukey gets a permanent place on your desk with you.

On the part of the performance I could with my external SSD around 415MB / s transfer via the HUB which pretty much is the same value as directly via the USB port.

Conclusion for Aukey M3H4

For around 10 € of Aukey is a really interesting thing. Just when you call an iMac, Macbook or like your own and your desktop a little in this White / Alu – held style. Aukey 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub without power supply, compatible with Windows XP Vista 7 8 Linux and Mac, mobile Aluminum Hub Apple style (4-port)