Using LED Lights in The Kitchen

Let’s not be afraid of the words, the LED ( English acronym light-emitting diode) have really revolutionized the lighting! The era of basely practical lighting-is summing up in the kitchen at a central chandelier and a few neon above the work – is over. Place in efficiency without sulking creativity: direct lighting of spots in the backlight illuminated signs, not cuisine cannot do without LED lighting. ‘Infinitely less energy that conventional bulbs, LEDS also last much longer. “Their assets do not stop there: they can vary in intensity and color and, especially, they can nest in every nook and cranny, so that it is now possible to illuminate areas previously in the shadow ‘, insists Sophie Sire, creative bright and responsible for the shop and the light atmosphere in Paris. Sophie Sire agreed to decrypt for us twelve solutions LED in the kitchen marked on Houzz.

LED Lights in the Kitchen

1. Direct Lighting

1.Twelve spots on 12 m² 5 watt LED are less efficient that a conventional suspension and you will be otherwise better enlightened. It is a solution widely used by architects, which has for her lighting across effectively, but which nevertheless lack of research according to Sophie.

Pro Tip: There are two types of LED spots: spots with nerve requesting a collection of 10 to 12 centimetres in the false ceiling and LED cakes, the most recent, from 4 to 5 centimeters of thickness. Choose a brand products, especially those who have a two to three year warranty minimum, to avoid unwanted strains the first year.

2. Long Live The Cornice
This light installation in a kitchen of Hamburg is more refined.It was performed by a band of LED to a power strong enough to ensure a backlight on the ceiling and at the same time inform the table. The corniche was painted in a bright yellow to accentuate the effect of the LED.Pro Tip: Opt for a band of 20 watts/meter LED to illuminate efficiently (about 95 euros HT / meter). LED banners come with a transformer whose power varies according to your installation.

3. Bright Baseboards
New use allowed by the LED, light plinths are often implemented today to create a backlight that is dedicated to the creation of an atmosphere.Magic guaranteed through this halo that takes off the furniture from the ground and makes them look levitating.Pro Tip: A band of 5 watts/meter is sufficient for this use (about 25 euros HT / meter). It is simply pasted on a clean and flat surface or locked up in a profile aluminum with Opal diffuser (about 37 euros/meter).

4. Credenza Highlighted
The neon lights which lit work plans should be regularly replaced. With a quality LED banner, your lighting will last a dozen years. Installation of the kitchen designer Roberta Beccherucci, in Paris, requires a profile of equipped with a LED blindfold to install angle at the bottom of high furniture.

Pro tip: LEDS, electronic components, follow strict standards. They are qualified by an index of protection (IP) to two figures. The first evokes its protection against dust, the second against the water. For a credenza, Sophie calls an IP44.

5. Rectangles of light
The architect Manuel Sequeira is a fan of lighting. He did in the Paris apartment unusual highlight with light panels: it is ofa recessed ceiling led integrated asked wall version.Proof that divert a product of its basic use, that’s creative!

Pro tip: For a warm effect, as in the previous kitchen, bet on a tone “warm white” (2 700 kelvins). For effect “neutral white”, as here, opt for 3 000 kelvins.

6. Polar Thrill
The kitchen themselves offer more kitchen furniture with built-in light as in this English cuisine where LED strips have been placed under the work plan to better emphasize.For a tone called “cool white», choose from 4 000 Kelvin.Pro Tip: LED Banner are little energy-intensive: a band of 1 100 lumens per meter is equivalent to a 90 Watt bulb, but consumes only 15. We can now afford to use a lighting in the kitchen, that will be used during the day, and no more only dedicated to a need for basic efficiency.

7. Festive
The credence table and this London kitchen baseboards were equipped with LED E27 light bulb (red, green, blue) bands that allow color changes from a mixture of primary colors.According to Sophie, it is appreciated for its lighting fun by those who receive and surprise.Pro tip: RGB Headbands are not more expensive than others, but require, in addition to the transformer, a pack with remote control (100 euros HT about) to change their colors and intensity.These headbands also allows a warm white lighting or cold.

8. Behind The Installation
LED lighting is also possible under renovation as evidenced by this facility.The kitchen unit has been installed in front of the panelling leaving a few centimetres when we went to drag a strip of LEDS.We love the niche, she also informed.Pro Tip: Calculate your installation for LED Banner should not be over 10 metres long to not lose power. If need you two banners in parallel, use a “double secondary Terminal” plugged into the transformer to power the two cords.

9. Architectural
In this open kitchen of a Haussmann building, the lighting had to be both effective for cooking and nice to match with that of the living room.The kitchen designer Roberta Becherucci opted for appliques giving lighting an architectural touch and a hood to ceiling which delivers as powerful as discreet lighting.Pro Tip: These appliques can be used with halogen or LED. For a type G9 halogen bulb, count 2,000 hours or two years for two to three hours per day. The same G9 in LED bulb will last 30 000 hours.

10. Light Targeted
The LED advantageously replace the neon above the work plan because they require less maintenance and consume much less. It is often possible to embed them, even under renovation, in the high elements of your kitchen.

Pro Tip: The spots are not the most common solution for this use. With their processor, they take more space than the bands or strips.

11. Bet On Strips
Under wall units, used more generally strips that connect to each other with a single transformer for the whole. Here they are joined by a cable, but those that are interconnected like a bright thread continuous are more decoration.

Pro Tip: The bands or strips of quality have 60 LED per meter.The dotted effect is due to a density in lower LED (about thirty per meter). Strip of 20 centimeters, 23 euros HT about.Also available in 30, 50, 80 centimeters.

12. Spotlight on the island
We see more and more Islands backlit as in this kitchen ofSeptèmes-les-valleys.At night, this facility to the “cold white” tone will transfigure your kitchen and give the air of night club bar.Pro Tip: A band of 5 watts may be sufficient, but if you want to make a larger banner, you can use one or more banners “double track” (made up of two headbands LED, width 2,4 cm).

Last Council of Sophie
LED lighting is still figure of recent technological advance and is not yet well known and controlled. Call on professionals for your facility! You’ll be sure to choose the right products and make your sustainable, safe and effective installation.