Valbray Launches Commemorative Watch 100 Years of Leica

Both the Swiss watches as high quality cameras share one characteristic in common: require an exquisite construction to work with the precision expected, and maybe that’s why many of those who are fanatics for a product also feel attracted to each other.

In celebration of the centenary your Leica, German brand known for its classic cameras, has joined forces with the innovative Swiss watchmaking Valbray to launch a watch whose design brings an element directly related with the world of photography. The Valbray EL1 Chrono has a diaphragm system similar to those found in cameras, closed it covers the display leaving only the pointers to shows, open the “Beehive” and the timer are shows, a detail that will surely leave photography lovers crazy! The mechanism works with 16 blades that are triggered with the draft of the turnstile watch, ceramic ball bearings guarantee that it is not necessary any lubrication for this feature to work with perfection.

In the video below you can check the operation of the diaphragm also present in other models of Valbray:

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With titanium case, leather strap and black ring around the dial, the Valbray EL1 Chrono (the early years of the founder of the Leica, Ernst Leitz) is a limited edition 100 pieces and costs $ $24,700.00 outside, here in Brazil I couldn’t find any store with this exact model for sale, but there are others from 26,000 R$ , just do a search on Google to find.

See more photos of Valbray EL1 Chrono:

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