Vase Decoration Ideas Table Centerpieces

The router is an electronic product which is not pretty. If you look in the homes of most people that have this device, we will see that, almost always, are somewhere hidden or showing, but leaving everything ugly. Let’s say it’s not a beautiful device.

And if someone could retain their functionality, but with an interesting design and just to make it to the show? A flower vase router! This exists and was designed by Franco Marino Cagnina, Cagnina’s Design. The project was commissioned by Saudi Telecom.

The STC Live box router, high tech vase is the perfect marriage of technology and decoration. The vase has wireless, voice over IP, landline phone and DSL.

Certainly, the flowers need to be artificial. Otherwise, a disaster would be triggered. The vase is always an attractive option for decoration and is on the list of people’s favorite decorative objects. Every House needs to have a vase. The white goes with almost everything and ensures a clean air environment. The vase is only one router product concept (not sold yet), but wanted to bring it to think the decor and design.

The design and decor are, increasingly, coupled with technology. The contemporary lifestyle demand electronic products that meet their duties, are attractive and aesthetic point of view that can be part of the environment of people, making it more beautiful. This idea opens doors to think other electronic products.

I just want to have a bowl of this! I bet you thought this beautiful vase in your house!