Vintage Style Handbags

Discover 3 models leather handbag to have fun without breaking the bank!

Introduction vintage bag:

But before going further on the woman vintage bags, it may be necessary for some (s) to a tune: We’re talking here as vintage style or trend of current fashion woman handbag ( although it has existed for a long time) and not of used bags sold by Consignment and other empty-dressing (this is fine but that’s another topic). It is true that this term is rather ambiguous because it denotes both a kind of current that old leather productions: The French language is sometimes a little “schyzo” and make us all crazy!

A trendy style:

So the vintage style handbag is part of a current creation of woman leather that has made its place in the sun for a few years and that appeals enormously to designer bags and many of us because, when Similarly, it is often a bit more “fun” and interesting in terms of style as contemporary! Well, okay, it’s also sometimes very has-been; must sort! And it provides an additional register in the “hunt” in the bag because the mood is changing in fashion and were not always want to wear or buy the same handbag style is not not ladies?

All ranges of bags vintage:

Recall also, for those who do not know all the codes of the genre, the vintage bag covers all range of levels: So we find the vintage design in the big luxury brands (Hermès, Vuitton, etc.), trendy brands midrange (Leather & Earth Aridza Bross, Diesel) and creators more affordable, French and European (Paul marius, Gusti, Ruittertassen, Pieces, etc.). Each in their own way, that’s what’s interesting.

Vintage means vintage, antique or vintage : This therefore refers to a past period whatsoever; creations who claim may well refer to almost any style and trends already explored before, sometimes mixing influences. The vintage can then be chic, cool, hippie / chic, bohemian or roots (pardon this gibberish fashionista but you have to define the styles). It’s just a matter of universe and … price! To you to recognize your preferences.

Our penchant for original handbag:

We at Espritcuir, perform a quality vintage leather has always being sensitive to favorite bags and this offbeat look, sometimes improbable or kitsch but often catchy and cute that many women or man bag brands offer their creations sometimes in pearl experts. In fact, vintage fashion is as exciting as the trendy because there are a thousand ways to interpret, from the retro to more contemporary. This is the latest version that interests us here because she hit the nail, one of our little hearts that revved up when we see the result!

We invite you to discover here 3 new of brand handbags Diva, Made in Italy “pure juice” and quality, which is not a specialist vintage but good taste in general and regularly adds to these women bag collections of interesting or original models with eclectic styles and always in an excellent price / quality ratio.

3 new bag models woman washed leather:

The 3 models of retro style handbags presented are new here that offer an original facet of the current leather: leather handbag or washing-washed leather, slightly faded jeans way but on the leather. In fact, the models themselves do not have a retro line but tends, those are the leathers that give this typed next vintage. The skin is soft, slightly wavy, surface finish and finely crackled patina, assemblies are marked by color contrasts. Everything is well controlled and the leather has received a protective finish not age prematurely.

One can notice that the bag lines are no exception and they also participate in a charming design for once not purely retro but rather indie / chic or rather bohemian or rock, a kind of mix rather cute. These are all 3 of the hand carried bags or shoulder or shoulder. Connoisseurs will recognize undoubtedly the strong influence of the Italian brand Campomaggi in this excellent work; the surprise of such production is price: For much less than 200 €, we can offer a bag made in Italy quality and original invoice: The price of a portfolio in CAMPOMAGGI! (OK, I exaggerate, but barely …).

Our first picture shows the model Mara (brown or black), the second proposes the modelIrene (brown or black), finally the third is Elsa (brown or black). You can find every model in details by following the link.

Fashion is a game and a pleasure:

What is the point of washed leather? Get a special patina and texture of leather that will give the bag a particular style; It’s as simple as that; look fabulous and stylistic work to provide an alternative choice more. Think of faded jeans for clothes at driftwood for sculptures or installations, or high blood waters paints, lime washes on the facades of houses, the crackle varnish a piece of furniture, etc. We just do not bother if everything was like …?

Tastes and colors for bags …

Of course, not to put in any hands or before all eyes, for I see by horrified some manic-conformist fashionistas, aficionadas box of shiny leather, coated canvas monogrammed and faux-crocodile brillantine way that will ask why we buy a bag voluntarily damaged and that it is all very vulgar! We would have like telling them that vulgarity is very relative …

As the saying goes: “If you do not like it, do not disgust the others! “. We, we love it! And you?

Learn more about each of these bags? Follow the links! Or, maybe, are you interested (e) by any woman handbags at Espritcuir? For news, we others, of course …