Washable Kitchen Rugs and Mats

Decoration, water absorption and safety are some of its benefits

Agitation is not lacking in the kitchen. Residents always pass by to pick up some food or remain to prepare meals. The environment therefore should be as warm as possible. Carpets for kitchen comply with this and many other functions.

The product absorbs fat spatters that arise when cooking, and water, common time to wash the dishes or food. The rubberized models further ensure security and help prevent slipping in wet areas.

There are still options of carpet dust mite kitchen, which do not accumulate dust and therefore not trigger respiratory problems. These products disguise floors expenditures and imperfections.

Some benefits to list the power decoration of these pieces. In addition to numerous shades, there are versions with prints as cups, bowls, flower pots, pots with cutlery and written. Use your creativity to build fun, peaceful, vibrant and elegant environments.

Do you have questions about the most appropriate place to put your carpets? The unerring bet is close to the stove and the sink. For installation in different corners of the room, a good alternative is to acquire kits mats, composed of two or three pieces with the same pattern, but with different sizes.

Carpets for Kitchen

Cleaning Tips

The mats of polypropylene and polyamide (nylon) should be vacuumed weekly. In addition, it is recommended to wash in specialized areas if you can not wash them by hand using mild soap.

To facilitate cleaning of versions of cotton and polyester, using hot water, with a maximum temperature of 40 ° C and opt for manual washing. To remove stubborn stains, see some of our tips.