Watch Wars: Swatch VS Apple

One of the most common phrases that I hear as a clock collector and watches blogger: “I don’t need a watch. If I want to know what time it is, then I look at my cell phone.”

Indeed, there are many of these watch holdouts. You need only look around. Especially younger people see no reason to commit a watch on the wrist every morning. You have your watch rather in the bag–in the form of a cell phone, which is anyway always. Or other:

The Smartphone has become a modern version of the Pocket Watch.

Watches-in contrast to smartphones-no pervasive theme are more. Neither the media nor in everyday conversation. You will more likely hear “this is the new iPhone?” as “this is the new watch by XY?”. But let us return to the hype, the purchase and trafficking which sparked the beginning of the 80s swatch and maintained until the 90s. Now, as a similar hype could return soon. He is however not predestined for this watch brands such as swatch heralded, but from ancillary companies such as Apple, LG, Samsung & co. The probability is high that we will say again in a few months: “is this the Apple Watch? Can I see it? “.”

Certainly, there are still many luxury brands, which faces of well paid Hollywood stars with classy ads in magazines and newspapers show presence – and advertise to better four servants. But what about the trend watch for anyone – which are sold all over the world millions of times? The “must-have watch”? Who are the legitimate successors of Swatch, G-shock & co.? And anyway, what is with Swatch?

Swatch: Formerly rebel – today set watches Empire

The answer might surprise: swatch, more precisely the Swatch Group, is now in luxury watches. The manufacturer of plastic watches from the 80s has become a luxury company determined the watch market in the last 30 years according to CHRONOLOGICALWATCHES.COM. With brands such as Omega, Glashütte original, Breguet, Blancpain and Longines in the portfolio focused the company on high-priced watches for not everyone. Especially Asia brought a veritable boom and considerable sales for more than ten years the Swiss luxury watch manufacturers.

Although the Swatch Group serving the middle and lower price segment with brands such as Tissot, Certina, Calvin Klein watches and Swatch – but the main focus here no longer. Well, Swatch has played in the past with some concepts, illustrious ideas and sometimes disturbing watch designs. But the “big hit” for the masses? -Probably not. The concepts were to Loveless and the audience over. Or how it in a comment to the “swatch paparazzi MSN Direct” at Our site says: the clock also reminds “comes as addition to a happy meal”. Unfortunately, this applies to some innovation experiment from the home of swatch.

Anyone wishing to make a more accurate picture of the history: Swatch Touch (2011), swatch paparazzi (2004) in cooperation with Microsoft and swatch .beat (1998) with their own Internet time (?-I did not understand at that time already).

So you focused rather on luxury brands and clientele, which enthusiastically celebrates every small technical finesse and every second accuracy of a mechanical watch – and paid dearly for. In the non-luxury watches Swatch Group seems to run rather something like “Service according to the regulations”.To do it seems, because it belongs to history – and somehow even money. And that many people have no clocks? Well, the days are just so… There’s Yes the booming luxury segment.

Swatch vs. Apple: the neglected target groups

Should this be true, then it is a mistake to think so. Because right there Apple and more against such as LG, Samsung, Motorola, and little-known companies such as Withings and pebble’s (already 1 million copies sold) with new concepts for the wrist. You want to compete for Swatch and co., with announcement, market shares. And they use just those price range of 150 to 350 euros.

Thus they take audiences the sights such as the fashion -, fitness – and Trendbewussten. The oft-quoted hipster who saw long time no real trend watch more. And those Uhrenverweiger need a good reason to tie again slightly on the arm. For example, because the smart watch the future car keys – like’s carmaker Tesla with the Apple Watch shows. Or the future purse – fast payment via double-clicking Apple pay promises. Smart Watches could soon our lives much easier, similar to how Smartphones have already done it.

And thus belongs everyone to the target group, the iPhone or Android users. Finally, the concept is nothing more than a mini Smartphone on the wrist, which is home to dozens of practical apps watch smart. Or else: it no longer comes to watches and time – it’s a Jack-of-all-trades with touch-screen and indispensable helpers in everyday life. A helper, you must no longer pull out of his pocket like an antiquated pocket watch.

And how responds to the ex trendsetter swatch of the alleged threat from the camp smartwatches? In an article on Our site shows an overbearing and scary reality-alien – like this video (must watch!).

“We are not nervous.” looks different

But see there: Later only a few months, it appears to have been a significant change of heart. The supposedly not nervous swatch Chief Hayek announced smart your own watch on 5 February 2015. She come on the market in the next two to three months. So at the same time with the Apple Watch. The model “Swatch Touch” from the year 2011 is for as a basis (see above).

It will be really curious whether Hayek and his Swatch Group again, will succeed the (luxury) clock King after more than thirty years, with a smart watch for anyone to score.

Fear is but rather, they – have forgotten much spoiled by success in the luxury segment; and now under pressure of time and without a real strategy somehow bring any product on the market. Whereas many companies very quickly–learned in recent years especially, as it rolls to entire industries. But luckily the place deer are nervous – at least not officially.

Update (March 11, 2015):

Now Elmar Mock, inventor of the Swatch has been smart watches and the Swiss watch industry in an interview with Bloomberg in terms of quite critical:

“It reminds me unfortunately too much of the Quartzkrise” (…) “until now the watch makers have made the same mistakes as they did. “We have seen much arrogance in the Swiss watch industry in the last few years.”

Source: Our site and Bloomberg (incl. video)

This article was originally in a context far away from Our site. Maybe not typical for this watches blog – yet he fits here. Especially since I myself already here to the theme Apple and its smart expressed watch. Should he so resonate, it is quite possible, the more this kind follow. Have fun reading!