Watchmaker – A Profession In Time

One can clearly see that the interest in watches is increasing. The clock has become more like an accessory than a time informers. Despite the fact that each and every person has a mobile phone available, we notice that the traditional wristwatch increase in interest. The watch gives a picture of you as a person. It shows who you want to be right now. Create your identity. From colorful to traditional. From classically elegant to sporty challenging.

Andrew Wallen, who has worked as a watchmaker for twelve years, sees a bright future. “-It sells mechanical watches today than it did for many years, and sometimes they have to be repaired. The best thing about the profession is that one day looks completely different than another. The meeting with customers and their watches vary from day to day. sometimes the simple quartz works (battery work) are visible and sometimes it’s advanced mechanical works completely be disassembled. as a watchmaker, you must be careful. you must like to analyze and look for answers in something that does not work. the feeling of getting everything to work to finish is fantastic.”

What to do when a watchmaker?

As a watchmaker, it is beneficial to be interested in technology and technological innovation. Because you often work with small and very sensitive components, it is also important to have a good concentration, precision, patience, good vision and a steady hand. Accuracy is the key to success in watch market.

Since many watchmakers are self-employed where they run their own workshop or own shop, it is also important to be service oriented and good at selling. Urmakaryrket has a long and prestigious history that is important to pass on for generations.

In uraffären consists tasks of adjustments, renovations, consulting and sales. The workshops conducted more complicated repairs and adjustments. Do you want to specialize in the profession, there are several possibilities. You can, for example, specialize in prestigeur from well-known brands or antique watchmaker.

With today’s increased interest in innovative technology and fine watches, there are endless opportunities to develop the profession exactly in the direction you want. Watches will continue to be important. Watches has in recent years become popular and demand are both in Sweden but also internationally.

Only urmakarutbildningen in Sweden

Since the 1940s there has been a watch in Borensberg who moved to Motala and is now the only watch in Sweden. The program receives twelve students per academic year and lasts for 3 years. The program is approved by the Swiss watch industry, which allows the school to offer graduating students a Wostep certificate which means that they become full-fledged watchmaker. For the school has a very good reputation which makes Swedish watchmakers attractive internationally.