Ways of Wearing Cardigans

How to dress when you are pregnant?

Ways of Wearing Cardigans

In a previous article, Jeremy explained the different things to know about mesh clothing-including the cardigans.

In time my grandmother called it a life jacket, and I thought it was really less cool. Fortunately, I grew up, and I realized how a cardigan-thick for winter, or end the mid-season-can be cool, comfortable and elegant. I must say that the creators have made much effort to pull the cardigan from the land of tacky clothes.

Successful comeback!

In this article, a few glorious examples of maternity cardigans (or life jackets-if grannies read us) very well worn-for those pregnant ladies who, like me, you often need examples to see what it is possible to do in terms of look.

As always, if not specified the brand, is that it has failed to find her-and if you know, please specify it in the comments!

#1–Un thick cardigan is short on a denim shirt and a white T-shirt. Example of layering.

#2–this one could well be a sweater, but I’ll put it to the side big hot mesh. There is never enough big hot mesh (especially when it’s 10 degrees outside).

#3–Pour les deux du fond qui croient encore que les gilets, c’est ringard.

#4–le cardigan marche vraiment avec tous les styles.