Ways to Wear Large Necklaces


The large necklaces are very fascinating and attracts much attention in any kind of outfit. Precisely because enough details and showy is by no means easy to match these necklaces depending on the situation and the opportunity that they are to be worn. If combined with the better though give really a touch of refinement and attention to yourself charming and by being remarkable among the people. For this reason we will see together in a few but useful steps of Agooddir on how to wear large necklaces. With this simple fact guide you will learn the key points for the best combinations of important jewelry on their apparel clothing so as not to make mistakes.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Large necklace

First the large necklaces must be worn with plain clothes and dark, like the classic and timeless dress black. In this case, you can indulge in almost any direction without the risk of being wrong. One caution is to be accorded to the combination of the necklace with shoes and handbags. Even more so if the sheath is black, the shoes you will notice much so don’t wear a necklace of a color that is too discordant with that bag, shoes or other similar accessories.

In general, then we must remember that large necklaces are used to embellish simple clothes with a bit of personality. Avoid to wear them with dresses too skimpy and colorful, but even with shirts and pants with too many tribal and floral fantasies. Therefore, especially if on a given occasion you are afraid to dare the outfit but still want you to notice with sophistication and particular, rely on a quite elaborate and flashy necklace so that change your final image.

The last important tip to learn how to combine large statement necklaces or otherwise is to not wear earrings, bracelets and a host of other flashy accessories. In most cases it is inadvisable to wear earrings. The limit you can limit the wear small earrings to delicate pearls or stud. It is also worth mentioning for all the other accessories. If you want to enrich even more the combination, protendete for a flashy ring rather than equally colorful bracelets and embellished.


Never forget:

  • Try not to associate the series with other showy accessories