Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress

The quintessence of style and of the elegancce, the little black dress (LBD) is a key piece in the wardrobe of any woman. As the senior basic white, the little black dress is universal and versatile. You can wear a little black dress in a basic way while remaining very elegant event while other days where formal clothes are required, you can then easily fix it to stay both elegant and chic. Whether you are looking for official occasions, outings, occasional evenings dinner with someone special, the little black dress is the solution to all situations.

To make your little black dress the most clothing and stand out from others little black dresses, the Opelikafashion has 17 ways to dress to exploit the aesthetic potential of your favorite little black dress:

  1. Animal Print
    Add to your little black dress of a print to animal theme room striking.

Sofia Vergara, very elegant in her little black dress accompanied by a sleeve animal print.
Link photo source: StyleBistro.

Kim Kardashian, in her chic black dress, she accompanies him to a pair of heels at the end open and animal print.
Photo source link: Hello Amanda

2 “Strips Feet”
If you are a large woman and long-legged, you can allow you to associate a pair of stilettos flange to ankle to avoid that the little black dress cut your silhouette. The color of your heels and the width of the flange can make all the difference. Choose them wisely according to the shape of your body and style.

Jennifer Aniston in her dazzling strapless dress, wearing a pair of shoes ankle strap.
Link photo source: I m Not Obsessed.

If you are a small woman, with your little black dress with a pair of heeled shoes strap at ankle like that worn by the lovely Anne Hathaway. The thin flange cramps not your size. If you opt for a wide flange then choose a pair of shoes in nude color.
Link photo source: Style Bistro.

  1. The Red Shoes Dorothy
    Why deprive yourself of a touch of Red contrasting to your little black dress?You could become the Dorothy of the wizard of Oz related to Ruby red shoes!

Drew Barrymore, in her Slinky black dress, accompanied the last of a pair of red high heels at the end open. Here’s what need you at a party!
Link photo source: Pop Sugar.

Georgia May Jagger, in her modest black dress, can thank his pair of shoes with red heel and open toe.
Link photo source: Harper’s Bazaar

4 Ruby Red bag
If the strutting with a pair of Ruby red shoes on a yellow brick road as in the wizard of Oz is not your kind, then opt for a red bag instead. It will be enough dashing and sophisticated. Red is the color best accompanying black!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, her black dress to the beautiful grounds and its red cover give a fashionista elegance.
Link photo source: Daily Mail.

Kate Hudson, very of a mini very cute dress with a red pouch in his hands, it’s the pure elegance, nothing more.
Link photo source: All About Style

5 Bright red lips
Look for more elegance in simplicity as for example a black dress with bright red lips. The only change in the color of your lips is sometimes enough to attract the attention and eyes are on you!

I must admit that the red lips of Taylor Swift’s are able to attract the looks on her face and her black dress.
Photo source link: The Trend Diaries.

Emma Watson appears neat and very sexy with her red lips and in her black dress plunging V neck.
Link photo source: Reveal.

  1. All Black
    Have you ever thought to unite you with both elegance and mystery?Opt for the black from head to toe.You can not go wrong in terms of style with this combination.

Victoria Beckham with her daughter, is perfectly elegant with its totally black combination; black dress, black tights, black and of course shoes his sunglasses. Wow!
Link photo source: Daily Mail.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, smartly dressed in another all black combination, the fact of dressing all in black can make your more slender silhouette, highlight your size.
Link photo source: Lazy Girls.

7 Expressive Necklace
Black dresses are the best clothes to highlight your favorite expressive necklace.

The gold necklace worn by Hilary Duff, combined with her black pinafore dress, proves that the owner requires the attention of the public.
Link photo source: Just Jared.

Michelle Dockery, in his dress just a little below the knees with an expressive necklace is quite charming. If you have a short neck, choose a longer necklace.
Link photo source: Just Jared

  1. Simple Necklace
    If the expressive collars don’t inspire you, opt for a necklace with a more simple design.Remember that sometimes simplicity is the best choice.

The long simple necklace worn by Kourtney Kardashian very of a mini black dress, is really an element that enhances the overall appearance of the star.
Link photo source: Posh 24

Even simpler with the necklace of Alexa Chung and her black mesh dress. Its look is really stunning!
Link photo source: Glamour

9 ras neck
Depending on how it is worn, neck ras can be a fashion accessory. The best way is to wear it just above your collarbone. Avoid the ras neck if you have a too short or wide neck.

Rihanna in her low-cut dress V diving, wears a neck ras. Have you noticed what position neck ras was established? Just above his collarbone.
Link photo source: Digital Spy.

Neck ras can also bring a futuristic touch to your look, Jessica Alba show well in this photo. She is great, as always.
Link photo source: Style Bistro

  1. Pearl Necklace
    The string of pearls is versatile and classic.By wearing it with a proper dress, the world will be under your spell.The first presentation of the little black dress Coco Chanel, the dress was designed to be worn with a necklace of pearls.

Kangna Ranaut in dress that alludes to that of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, is wonderful.
Link photo source: Rediff

The allure of Katherine Heigl, in a black dress with square neckline, is remarkable.The long necklace to soften the angles of the neckline.
Link photo source: Style Bistro

11 Belt
Adding a belt to your little black dress to create new fashion effects, indeed the belt redraws your size and thus gives a new look to the dress.

In this photo, Rosario Dawson wearing a cute black dress with a red belt. What a perfect combination.
Link photo source: Zimbio

Zoe Saldana wearing a black dress V neck with a gold belt. Don’t forget that if you have a short torso, opt for a thin belt the same color as the top (in this case, it is black). If you have a long torso, wear a wide belt instead.
Link photo source: Just Jared

  1. leather jacket
    Add a jacket to your black dress would be a smart and fashionable choice.And of course, it would protect you from the cold and wind.Leather jackets to reveal to be the most suitable for a little black dress because the difference in texture compared to the dress would provide a richer effect.

Tyra Banks, with beautiful long legs, his leather jacket and black dress, is all just sensual, isn’t it?
Photo source link: Fashion Bomb Daily.

Rhianna coming just to get out of his car with his leather jacket and mini black dress.
Link photo source: Posh 24

  1. Fake Fur
    Nothing can replace the fake fur added to your little black dress to keep you warm and stay in fashion during a night out.It is a real comfort layer and nothing else.

Victoria Beckham in her sophisticated black dress with a plunging V neck and a very cute bolero to fur.
Link photo source: Star Style.

Kelly Brook appears very elegant in her black dress to the combined v-neck to a fur coat, but beware, wide fur clothing away the looks of your dress. The principle is to avoid extravagance. The Kelly Brook fur coat is just the right size.
Link photo source: Style Bistro

14 Gloves
Gloves reinforce the classic dimension of your black dress and are becoming rare in our time. Treat yourself to a true old glamour Hollywood with black or white gloves.

Lady Gaga, wearing the gloves of arrivals at the height of the elbows and a black dress overly dazzling peplum, thrilled the crowd.
Link photo source: Huffington Post.

The long gloves and the very bold black dress worn by Madonna give the actress a very elegant classic look. The Queen of Pop is seen here with her daughter, Lourdes.
Link photo source: Posh 24

15 Hats
The hat has always been a piece of first choice to go with a black dress. When it is worn correctly, the effect is extraordinary, a regular look becomes immediately remarkable.

Holly Valence in a black dress with a cute hat at Royal Ascot.
Link photo source: Daily Mail.

Worn by Paris Hilton Sun Hat is perfectly suited to her black dress and look all black.
Photo source link: Zelebrity

16 Scarf
If you are a fan of scarf, good new because it is a piece that allows you to enhance your little black dress. Try the different ways to wear and you will find the best style.

Dianna Agron with his scarf Navy tied at the neck and her black dress very cute to watch.
Link photo source: Steal Their Style

Animal print scarf and black robe give Pippa Middleton a very cool look.
Link photo source: Style Bistro

17 Floral Hair ornaments
Combining with your little black dress, floral hair ornaments can add a touch of femininity and extra charm.

Maïwenn hair ornament accompanies her black dress without difficulty.
Link photo source: Sparkle Style

There are many ways to work your little black dress style and make it fun wearing a little black dress. The key is to find your own style most appropriate.

How do you spice up your little black dress. Do not hesitate to share with us and our readers your valuable tips in the comment field.