Wearing a Little White Dress

Whether you again for a wonderful weekend! We left on Friday after work to drive to the cottage, and it was so relaxing to get a barbecue and sauna, winter coat finally came down the drain. On Saturday, we returned back to the city again, but even a small visit other parts of doing good. Note by the way, the weekend seems a lot further, when the leaves a bit to other landscapes and will be made more than lounging at home! Now return to the drawing board once again happy today lathe 🙂 Fortunately, the next cabin weekend has already agreed a few weeks away – girls look forward to this trip for so looking forward to!

Weekend weather may not be much to praise, but to stay here a few weeks back, when still enjoyed the degree of heat. A glimpse of the design work began to pay for posting, where I presented this materials I purchased the little red devil. Red fits incredibly well with white, during the summer months can be a combination of all. Yes, I have been so pleased with this alelöytööni, the perfect addition to brighten up such a look of simple stuff! More outfits with Clutch’s permit;) Good luck to Monday!

You already saw a peek of this outfit when I introduced to you my sale find – this beautiful Bayswater Clutch Wallet from Mulberry. So here’s the first outfit with the bag! I absolutely love the color, and I think red looks amazing with white. Here’s a great example how easy it is to make a simple outfit a bit more interesting with a statement accessory! What do you think of the outfit? There are more coming up later with this lovely little summer bag! 🙂 Have a great Monday you all!