Weather Gadgets

The human being loves to invent things, the weirder the better. Giving perfumes or socks for Christmas is very seen, so we suggest you Innoves this year and surprise your closest people with some weird contraption, like a sponge-microphone or a slippers with light. Or, better yet, a  weather gadget or curious items that help better take extreme temperatures. In there are some examples. Maybe you also like to include some of them in your letter to the Magi.

Toothpaste that predicts time.

Every morning you brush your teeth, would not it be good to your report you time paste? This strange invention was developed at the MIT Media Lab, and is a toothpaste that changes color or flavor according to the weather: know mint if it’s getting colder than yesterday, cinnamon if it is warmer yesterday, or you will blue stripes if it will rain. It would be nice to know chilli paste in those days when you brush your teeth asleep.

Air-conditioned shirt.

Although now not feel too that your clothes have air conditioning built, sure you appreciate this invention in the month of August. This is some shirts carrying two electric fans in charge of extracting hot air from the body. The company Kuchofuku Co Ltd of Japan is responsible for making these clothes that’ll look the Michelin Man . But the doll coldish Michelin.

Jacket with built-in heating.

This one feel more so now. The Columbia brand sells a jacket with a heating system built -in , rechargeable via USB. It’s kind of like wearing a hot water bottle attached to the body in your winter walks, with the extra risk of a short circuit in a sleeve and die electrocuted. Everything can not have.

Frioleros accessories.

The USB has opened a world of possibilities for winter gadgets are concerned. There are many curious devices that allow you to be a little more warm home, like gloves, slippers, a cushion or heater breasts (yes, you read that right).All of this is heated at the time thanks to a USB connection. as if we had few electronic gadgets in our lives. You ‘ll have to fight hard for the sockets in your home.

Meteorologist umbrella.

The company has created a project Materius umbrella that connects via WiFi to the Internet and tells you the weather forecast. This umbrella (called Forecast) has a handle LED lights more or less intensely as a chance of rain. Forecast warn you if it will rain so you will not miss home. A GPS included facilitate the search task every time you miss or forget you miss the bus.

Toaster that prints the time.

It is called Jamy and, besides being adorable, is able to print on your toast the weather forecast of the day. It connects via WiFi to get the local weather forecast and toast on the slice of bread that you have entered. Unfortunately it is only a prototype so you have no choice to continue to consult the weather forecast is on our website. We know that you had already grown fond of Jamy, sorry. If you want, we can send a scholar to your house you enter the time with marmalade on toast.