Welcome, Yoga

Hello everyone!

That not I expected this entry?

Brand new blog, one of the first post was dedicated to one of the most popular disciplines of gyms, Pilates, and having already dedicated a post (with and without accessories) here and here offer something new, different, entrenetido, also defendant, and, in addition, SUPER interesting.

Itypeauto recommends yoga to people who want to balance their body and mind during workout. It’s a few exercises (asanas) which, together with diaphragmatic breathing, will make our body get a better balance and better ourselves with ourselves.

We know that there are many types of Yoga (Hatha yoga, which deals of uniting the physical part and mind;) Astanga yoga, the more disciplined of all that must be respected 8 unbreakable rules; Iyengar yoga, in which the communicative part is clearly important and where to come in attachments to help perform the asana; and the Kundalini yoga, the less demanding and where mainly works the breathing and relaxation. In addition to these four acquaintances, there are other types of Yoga (actually there are many Yoga classes), but highlight the Bikram Yoga (Yoga to 40 °) or Acro Yoga (acrobatic Yoga, also called aero Yoga), frankly more known because they are fashionable.

However, us we will focus on the Kundalini, since what we want is to initiate you and that you piquéis with these exercises, that we ask more and that I engacheis with this philosophy of life as Zen, beneficial for your body and your mind.

I don’t want to dwell more (noticed that this topic strikes me much, right?), would start with our plan of the week?

1.Perro upside down: we placed in cuatripedia (put hands and knees on the ground). Place hands just below the height of the shoulders, the knees underneath and the same width of the hip.

We started the movement by pressing the palms of the hands forward and we got away with the knees slightly bent.
Little by little, stretch the legs to form an upside-down V (if we can not stretch your legs at all, work slowly to maintain the straight trunk).
We stand 1 minute. A trick? Forget the time and focus on breathing, taking air into your diaphragm.

Cobra 2.Postura: we stand mouth down with legs hip-aligned and the vamp flat on the floor.
We slightly flexed elbows and we pressed the palms of your hands to the floor to inspire, to activate the muscles of the back, we raise the chest and head.
Hold in this position for 1 minute.

3.Postura’s child: sit on your heels. We incorporate forward so that our head is in our arms (if you can, put the head on the ground).
We went down the chest to the knees as much as we can, at the same time extending arms.
Attempts to hold in this position for 1 minute and concentrate on breathing.

Torque 4.posicion: we cross the right foot over the left thigh and bend the left knee. We put the left elbow on the outside of the right knee and the other hand back. Now we turn to the right all that we can, by moving the abdomen. So keep the position for 1 minute. After change of side.

  1. bridge: us lying on your back with knees bent and feet resting on the floor.Place the arms close to the body and palms facing down.
    To inspire the hip we raised to a comfortable height and endure as well for one minute.
    We left this position with an exhalation.

6.Postura dog mouth down to three legs: we stand in cuatripedia with the hands placed just below the shoulders.
We straighten the trunk and lifted one leg so that the trunk form a straight line from your head to the toes, we can bear 30 seconds and change of leg.

It is important that you have in mind that these exercises be carried out with an exhaustive control of breath, that it must always be abdominal or diaphragmatic, and that at the end of each financial year will be done through exhalation.

What do you think? Do you fancy them to put a little bit of Yoga in your life?