What are Briefs and Boxers

Some people may feel that men’s underwear represents only one of, well, a maximum of two types. It should be to dispel this misunderstanding, because this type of lingerie today has become as much as a female. And each person can select the appearance, which is the most convenient and comfortable for him. But how to choose men’s briefs? How to avoid mistakes in the diversity of species?

The word “pants” has been translated into French as “rolled-up” or “condensed”. According to elaineqho, in ancient times, people do not use lingerie. The ancient Greeks did not wear the Toga, anything at all, as the climate allows it be naked. That is why it is believed that the tradition of wearing shorts, went to the Romans. However, they were pioneers in this type of underwear. Scientists have confirmed that the men’s briefs from Rome’s shoes, with the name “kaltsones.” At first, they were common in the shoes, and then they began to gradually extended. As a result of the usual shoes went something like pants. Because at that time it was customary to wear pants a very expensive materials, they were used in underwear, in order not to ruin your expensive fabrics secretions and sweat. Then there have been a number of changes and as a result, the pants have become the modern men’s underwear. Today is laundry is not inferior to the women and the quality of materials and in a variety of styles. If before men are not too much to choose from in your underwear, but now it is available, and each representative of the strong half of humanity is able to buy exactly the style that is more to your liking.

First of all, that now produces men’s underpants. Russia is probably the first country in the world, with the number of producers has increased from one to several thousand. It should be noted, and the fact that even the Russian designers have contributed to the production of men’s underwear, sexuality. Thus, not only become available with ordinary men in tight pants, shorts and belts in a variety of styles and shapes.

So, what can be selected:

  1. “Boxers.”This is perhaps the most significant style of underwear for young people. He gained popularity in Soviet times, when they still put the athletes, such as the panties were a very convenient and comfortable. In fact, this model is the most convenient because it doesn’t pull together, and shall be without prejudice to the movement. “Boxers”are very similar to the shorts, and sometimes even replace them, if the person is at home.
  2. The peculiar shape of the tight “boxers.” These pants are very comfortable, they can be safely worn under tight jeans. However, the name they are fighters like boxers, as we all know, that the last act in the ring-free pants.
  3. The boxers, only slightly reduced the length of the waist and removed. Look at the very aesthetic. They are just like all the other styles are different shades, so that anyone can afford to choose from heaps of taste.
  4. The briefs. They are believed to date back to the XVIII century, England. Since in the clothing-swimming at the Church completely rejected, people had to find clothes for this. At first, these were the costumes for the knees in the neck, but they were not too comfortable for swimming, and cut to the size of the usual pants pulled off a narrow sideways. It has since been featured in briefs-men’s underwear, shaped very similar to the heat.
  5. Luxury look cowardly. If all of the above are very popular among the male population, the thong to choose just one. They represent the loincloth, which is sewn on both sides of the triangles. It is believed that these kinds of tanga was invented in Brazil-the home of the famous carnivals.
  6. Perhaps the most extravagant style. They are almost absent in the fabric. The front is a small triangle barely covering the manhood, and the back-just a rope, or a very thin strip of material.